Do you guys ever get tips?

I just wondering if you ever received tips or gifts from your clients. I recieve a bottle of wine and another time $25, but yesturday I was given $100. I turned it down but they insisted and would take a no from me. House was built 1975, not maintained, ittle over 6,500 square feet with finished basement. I didn’t quote it right and thinking how I was taking a bath on this one. Then at end of inspection after they wrote the check they hand me a crisp hundred. I was shocked. I followed up with them today and they said they walked away from the house and will call me for there next inspection. House was infested with rodents and fungal growth in finished basement closets behind stored items. There were several major defects. They decided it would be to costly to repair.

Now you are going to report it eh?
Should get tons of response…duh…lol

Yes and a huge amount of hugs .

Many times… :wink:

I have received a few, even a UCONN shirt when they won. I usually will split it with the crew or buy lunch for them.

I get tips quite often. I just got a $50.00 tip from a billionaire today. He just got moved up on my fast response list, on top of my other billionaire client. The other billionaire has referred me a lot of work, but has never tipped and in fact I have never meet him in person.

I found a penny in a floor register and left it there!!

LOL :slight_smile:

You’ll never work for our agency.:o

OhHHHH… Gratuities.
50 dollars, 20, dollars, and repeat inspections and referrals from the same client.

I got a $50 tip last friday, i split it with my crew too. BTW I work alone…
so my wife got it… like all my other money.

Deal killer! :wink:

I’ve gotten tips over the years but never 100 bucks!! A few years ago I received elk meat and venison steaks as a tip. :smiley:

I am getting paid with organic beef tomorrow. One of my regular clients is a cattle rancher.

Got a Lewinsky last week.

From a client?

The Agent. Client stood in the corner and watched.

I did not have a chance to claim it, my wife already did.

Your the King mate!!!

Once…20 bucks

All of I’ve gotten so far is a bacon egg and cheese with some coffee. I was pleasantly surprised.