Dual HI Association Memberships

I have heard a rumor that INACHI will not allow it’s members to hold a membership in other HI Associations.:frowning:

Anyone else heard this?

Brian reread the other thread. ASHI is the only organization that I heard of.

Billy read this thread, WHAT DID YOU HEAR???

Yeah! Oh well!!

Kinda what I thought also Linas. But I am not sure what it is all about.

What I typed already on the thread above…

He emailed me for some reason. Why I don’t know. According to Nick his lawyers have found a way to make all diploma mill inspectors (ASHI) choose between NACHI and ASHI. According to him after March 2010 he will no longer be accepting NACHI membership request from ASHI members.

Let me rephrase…

For all that are current members during his transition period he’s not going to force you out, he simply won’t renew you when the time comes if your a active ASHI member.

My take on it from the above thread as well…

His fight is you can simply join ASHI with nothing but application form and a Credit Card. There is no up front requirements to join. There is up front requirements to be called a certified home inspector with ASHI. You can’t display logo’s until you meet their requirments. The fight is however for example with me Google displays my phone number all over the place. I get lots of calls from people who never visits my site because of this. If I simply send in a check and application to ASHI and somebody ask are you a member of ASHI I can simply state “Yes I Am” without having any certification whatsoever. Now if they ask are you certified with ASHI different story, however, in my case most ask are you ASHI or a member of ASHI and that’s Nicks fight. I can legally state yes and not give out any further information which leads to the diploma mill debate IMO.

A wise man once told me that if anyone ever demands you to choose side or else, you should always take the or else.

On this I also agree. (In general principal at least.)

That is an unfortunate decision by NACHI, too bad that most of the Real Estate profession thinks we belong to NASHI. :mrgreen:

I’ll believe it when I see it posted on the board by Nick himself. He may have sent a private emeail to Billy, but actually putting it out there for public viewing is something else. I was considering joining ASHI as an Associate member just to shut real estate agents up around here, but decided against it. I think excluding anyone for be a member of another association would bring up some pretty significant leagal issues that I am sure will be drug into court no matter what. I am a member of multiple environmental inspection groups, what is going to happen then? Is Nick going to kick out every member of ESA, IAQA, or AIHA?

Good points Scott, as far as I know this is not an official INACHI policy. But the discussion is interesting.


It’s Gods new policy----:-;;

Have you been notified Dale?? And if so what does the policy say??
(is it written on Stone Tablets?):wink:

God told me he doesn’t care—:stuck_out_tongue:

I am no longer an ASHI member but this decision is super-hyperbole at it’s finest. Some of the best inspectors in the nation are ASHI members. I also know quite a few top notch INACHI inspectors too. I don’t think many new ASHI members will lose sleep over this.


You back at Inspecting?

I hope so, give me a call tomorrow if you have a chance…!!

If this is, indeed, Nick’s plan…home inspectors will be forced to choose between an association that promotes its members or one that promotes itself.

In areas like Florida, where the contractors are fighting (and apparently winning) a battle with the legislators to take over the home inspection industry…and will soon be giving free home inspections as a means of promoting their home repair businesses…FABI and ASHI are putting forth a bigger effort to fight other associations than to fight the real bad guys.

In Kansas, a tiny group of ASHI members were successful in creating the appearance of representing an entire state of home inspectors.

While I do hate to see ASHI die…for I truly believe that Nick’s prediction will come true, in the end…I think that it is time for our industry to make a choice. Are we simply a commodity…an extension of the NAR designed to assist other professionals in the sale of homes…or are we more than that? ASHI is using its clout and recognition to take our entire industry down a path that I personally object to.

If Nick is going to draw a line in the sand and NACHI is to take the reigns and lead the industry to where it should be, I’m with him.

It’s time that Nick and NACHI stopped sitting back and taking it on the chin. I think it’s time for NACHI to flex its muscle.

Many people have asked for this…wanting NACHI to do something to be more “recognized”. This is Nick’s response. I prefer this response of Nick’s than to become “more like ASHI”.

All duel members will be not allowed to renew huh?

What about members of this organization here?

What about CMI’s? That is a seperate organization from NACHI.

From the InterNachi member application page. For what it’s worth.

Note to existing members:
InterNACHI’s membership requirements are subject to change, but existing members need only comply with the requirements in effect at the time they joined.