Excerpt of transcript of secret taping of Gary Johnson at Convention.

Excerpt of trascript:

Gary Johnson speaking to John Bowman: “Hey are you going to finish that pork chop?”

Gary Johnson speaking to Blaine Wiley: "Hey Blaine are… garbled, sound of fat man chewing… you gonna eat all those fries?"

Gary Johnson speaking to hotel waitress: "Do you all… sound of fat man burbing… excuse me… sound of fat man burping again… do you all biggie size room service at this hotel?"

Loud sound of flatulence.

Trascript END

NACHI Members participation in Illegal activity to secretly tape record private and personal conversations without their knowledge is not something to joke about.



What are you doing to follow up on Joe Farsetta’s claim of having reviewed the Illegal recordings?

None of my business.

I just posted this:

Granted, I don’t know a lot of people in NACHI (esp back east), buy I don’t think Farsetta was even at the convention, was he?
If Joe was not there, then this is all 3rd hand info to him - hearsay - so what’s all this about?
If there are those who challenged the validity of the magical Educational Committee document, shouldn’t this mythical tape - which no one else appears to know about - also be challenged?
Again, one of the bennies of living in the boonies is ignorance, what do I know . . . ?!

Then was told there are now two recordings. I decided to go back to my Idaho snowpile & shovel stuff there; at least I’ll be able to keep track of the depth.

Hope everybody gets these 6 tapes sorted out soon!


Joe H: What makes you think the transcript excerpt I posted was meant to be a “joke?”

I believe the transcript excerpt posted above is accurate.


10 - 4 Nick

Sounds to me that some people have been brought out of the woods with some tapes the might not even have ever been made

Funny how the human mind works

Have a good day

And a good tomorrow


:wink: :cool:

Richard, are you kidding me. This is the most underhanded thing, I have ever seen. “Bring people out of the woodwork.” Read the posts Richard, NACHI’s Director of Professional Development, Chairman of the ESOP Committe, and Assistant Founder is the one who started all of this and implied that certain individuals were taped. Do you find that amusing. I don’t. Were you the mole. No wait a minute, I didn’t have any meetings with you.

Now about the transcript at the top - Well they better find a different transcriber. The only one who ever ate pork chops was my wife and that was at dinner with Will Decker. Oh my G-d Will are you “UnderNACHI”. :smiley:

Oh my G-d Will are you “UnderNACHI”

A little deductive reasoning:
He can’t be. He can’t fit under ***any***thing!

***Were you the mole. No wait a minute, I didn’t have any meetings with you. ***

Moles? Meetings? Sounds like some heavy stuff was going down.

Wow, coming from our soon to be Ex- Executive Director, this speaks volumes. So, what are you saying, John? Are you telling the membership that you and some others had secret meetings with NACHI members and trashed this organization, and its founder? Did you do this from a hotel room paid for by NACHI?

Underhanded? Its the friggin’ pot calling the kettle black. Tell us, John… who were in these meetings and what was the purpose. Were there any other members of NACHI’s Exustive Staff present at any of these meetings? What was discussed, precisely?

***Tell us, please. I’d like to read it with my own eyes.

Joe, please watch your blood pressure, please

Yes John tell us, and Joe, tell us about these tapes.


It weren’t me.

I’m Jewish and don’t eat pork. :roll:

Matter of fact the majority of the meetings I had did not involve the Executive Staff. They were down on the convention floor working their asses off. I would be more than thrilled to give an outline of every meeting I had and with who. The membership would be proud of my accomplishments.

Let me get all of my notes together and I will provide it for you. Do you want this in an official capacity. Oh by the way, I do not recognize the ESOP committe and their dictatorship mentality. Nick agrees with me. I have the email where he agrees. By the way I have been notified that Deanna supplied you with the information from the tapes. Who is lying. You, Deanna, Nick???

Man this is awful dramatic, even for you. In fact there were some meetings I just didn’t have time to attend. One of those was with Mr. Merrill. Shame too because we both wanted one so bad.

Trashed this Organization. Hell no. Why don’t you begin by calling some of the People I had meetings with.

Here is a quick list for you.

Russel Myers
Will Decker
Harvey Gordon
A-Pro Representatives
Foundation for Safer Housing
Inter-NACHI representatives.
Chapter Presidents
Nick and the Executive Staff

Now your barking up the wrong tree. Keep going, your burying yourself deeper and deeper. I find you in violation of NACHI’s COE and hereby suspend you from your positions as Director of Professional Development and as Chairman and member of the ESOP Committee. This suspension shall remain in place until such time as a determination is made into your involvement with this illegal tapeing. I should make note to you that Federal and Florida State Officials have been consulted. I have been advised to give you this warning before you make any replys.

I must confess. The guilt is racking me.

John, Russ and I did discuss our plan to invade the Sudatenland, right after Chezkoslovokia.

Is that against the COE?

Poor memory, Will-
We actually did invade. Col. James Beam led us on to victory.

Can you really do that? No way! I know that Joe H, Gerry, and well heck all of NACHI will be thrilled to hear it :0

No, Russel/

Sadly, I have the unfortunate talent to remember everything when I drink.

Kind of sad, really. :roll:


It’s a done deal. No members should respond or correspond with Mr. Farsetta concerning anything dealing with NACHI ESOP or NACHI Professional Development.

The ESOP committee should meet (less Farsetta, of course) and temporarily assign a Chairman.

The organization can operate without a Professional Development Director. We did for a long time. Meanwhile please use the services of Mr. Russ Myers as Education Committee Chair, and Mr. Gerry Beaumont as NACHI’s National Educational Consultant.