Resignation effective May 7th, 2006

Dear members and staff,

On May 7th, 2006 I will have proudly served you as Executive Director for one year.  It is my decision to resign from that position effectively on that date.  It has been an extreme pleasure serving you and only desire continued success for the membership and association.  My decision to resign has not been easy.  But the lack of communication and cooperation was the final determining factor.

I applaud each of you that have graciously volunteered your time and expertise to the association and its membership and look forward to hearing and reading great things in the future about each one of you.    

In conclusion I must point-out  particularly bothersome things that I strongly feel that NACHI needs to improve on in the future.  
  • I find it a total dictatorship situation when one person/group authors the Standards of Practice and ethics guidelines, and is then assigned the duties as Judge, Jury, and Executioner.

  • Lack of communication amongst the staff and leadership. Too often I ran into a situation where several individuals or groups were working on the same things. A good example of this would be the CMI program. At one point and time I believe there were at the very least 3 or 4 individuals and groups working on this. It’s an absolute shame and travesty that this program did not remain under the control of NACHI.

  • No set procedures or guidelines for the committees. To the best of my knowledge the only committees that have any type of guidelines are the Awards Committee and the NACHI Library. The current education committee is trying to establish guidelines, but is meeting resistance and dictatorship from the leadership. I only wish them well in their endeavors.

    Thank-you members and staff for your support.

    John Bowman


I always knew you were Goofy;) .


Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the NACHI members.
Your experience is a GREAT asset to us.

It was a pleasure to have met you in Orlando.

Take care John. Enjoy retirement!

John B.

I am sad to see you resign, but I can’t say as I blame you.

What you posted about the (ethics SOP) thing is truly sad.

I won’t even start with CMI.:frowning:

We all know you did your best.:D:D:D

Thanks for everything John.

Have a beer for me will ya’?? :wink:

Thanks for your hard work! Wish you all the best in your future!


Wish you the best. Thank you for your dedication. Thanks for everything.

John, Thanks for all the hard work you did for NACHI members. I know it can be exasperating. But on your watch NACHI more than doubled in size and added dozens of new membership benefits.

Nice job.


Thank you for your service John. You leave some large shoes to fill.

The best during your golden years.


It was good finally meeting you at the convention, I wish we had time to talk, maybe I will be a little greedy in saying this, but hopefully we can meet sometime over a beer or coffee, our paths crossed once and faith, I feel will see to it again. All the best in the future.

It was a pleasure meeting you in Orlando.
You will be missed. I wish you the best of luck on your next journey.


Take comfort in your decision. Better things are on the Horizon.

I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors.

I really am sorry to see you go. After meeting you at our Chapter Meeting I was very impressed with your dedication and the enthusiasm you portray when speaking.
You will be sorely missed Uncle John, good luck my friend.

Good Luck and thanks for the inspection tips on those older homes. You were a shooting star for NACHI and will be missed. You may be gone but your voice will always be heard.:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:frowning:


It is a sad day for NACHI, and the membership. It certainly will not be the same without your presence. You have done more for the members of this association than most people are aware of. You and I have had many a heated discussion about the way things were run and what could be done about them. The beauty of the “heat” is that it came from your passion for this profession and the willingness to give volumes of your time for your members.

You will be missed as one of NACHI’s best, and most certainly as one of the most dedicated.

Be good my friend, we will be chatting soon.


I would say to you, with deepest respect and admiration, exactly what I have said to another person in NACHI that responded in the same way to the toro pooh pooh that goes with the job.

Your resignation is not accepted.

You don’t work for any one person in NACHI. Your work for all the NACHI members. As a NACHI member, I do not accept your resignation. You have unfinished work to do.

You knew this job was thankless and full of frustration and dealings with back stabbers and all thay other rot. But you took it.

Inherent in taking the job was the garbage that goes along with it. You knew this going in. Are you going to back out now, just when your work is nearing fruition?

Of course, it is your choice. But there are many who understand, agree, are working towards you goal AND have you back!

Think about it, big guy. Once more into the breach or turn tail and run.

I know this seems harsh, but sometimes harsh words are needed to get one through tough times. If you give up, what example do you send to others who you have passed your fire and dream to.

Know this. What ever you finally decide, you will always have my respect and my support and my arm and my prayers.

Hope this helps.

I couldn’t have said it better myself, so I won’t even try.

I understand Johns frustration and sympathize with him, NACHI should be a collection moving forwards collectively, and achieving ever greater things.




From your lips to G-d’s ears!

And, maybe, John Bowman’s. :mrgreen:

Hello John,

NACHI will have a very difficult time replacing someone of your caliber. Just a couple months ago when you were in Chicago you made a great lasting impression on everyone at our chapter meeting. Even the ASHI visitors liked you. You treat people with respect and kindness that I have never seen from anyone else here with authority. Joe H. don’t count because he’s just a regular Joe now. Best wishes. Thanks for the memories.

Erol Kartal


You humbly have failed to note that the ‘ASHI visitors’ were the national ASHI President and VP elect.

A very important point!