NACHI welcomes the return of Jonn Bowman as Exec Director

Well actually, his previous resignation was to take affect in May… so he hasn’t really returned… he just isn’t leaving.

I am very, very pleased to learn from him this morning that he has withdrawn his previous resignation and will stay with us at NACHI… hopefully for a long time.

Please join me in thanking him for his continual leadership as Executive Director.


but is he still on suspension?


Nick I for one am very pleased to hear this, I hope that John is able to bring his wisdom to the current forces at play within NACHI.



In a related matter, I am thrilled to inform you all that our IT Director, Chris Morrell, will be joining our staff full time starting this July.

things are getting better by the minute!


This is great! :smiley:

I have never met John, but I hope to someday…keep up the good work John…:smiley:

Welcome back John B. actually glad you never left.

In another related matter, I am very happy to inform all of you that long time staffer Krystal Wright has decided to delay going to college, and instead come to work for NACHI full-time in June. Krystal is a straight-A student at a private school and has already been accepted to many fine colleges. As a teenager she worked at both the Valley Forge and Colorado NACHI offices, attended both the 2005 and 2006 NACHI Conventions, and was a reporter for Inspector’s Quarterly. She starts full-time at NACHI in June.

Does this mean that Joe B. get’s a pass too?

In another related matter, I am very happy to inform all of you that Lisa Endza has accepted a full-time position at NACHI. Up until now Lisa was a sub-contractor, in-house graphics designer for NACHI. Lisa attended the 2006 NACHI Convention and is credited for building NACHI’s Citizen Information Center She begins work as a full-time NACHI staffer on Monday.

John welcome back. Rumour has it that Nachi Headquarters has installed a revolving door…(just joking). Some at HQ have been reported abusing the door as some sort of entertainment device? Oh well I have no idea what the hell that means… yuk, yuk, yuk. :slight_smile:

Its nice to have you back!

Congrats on the many qualified staffers at NACHI- 2006 will be great for the future of NACHI- good people are hard to find and harder to keep! Your staff picks are terrific for the many NACHI members!

Bill, agreed, especially Dee who works about 85 hours a week for NACHI.

Woosh. . . like I’m not even here. . .

In another related matter, I am very pleased to learn from Joe Farsetta this morning that he will continue fulfilling the duties of his positions at NACHI for as long as we need him. He performs one thankless job after another. IMHO, every association needs a Joe Farsetta and NACHI is very lucky to have the only one ever made.

I think your question was to vague.:wink:

Todd, you of all people know what I do with vague questions. :wink:

Hmm. Seemed pretty straight forward to me.

In another related matter I am very pleased to announce that member Russell Spriggs has accepted a modestly paid position as NACHI’s Member Benefit Director. His duties will involve travelling to chapter meetings to 1. Alert members to all the many new and unknown benefits that are available to them and 2. Gather comments and suggestions from members with regard to creating even more member benefits. In the past Russell formed successful NACHI Chapters in both Colorado and Idaho.