Farm Bureau Four Point

It appears that Farm Bureau is the latest insurance company to develop their own form for the Four Point Inspection. Does anyone have it in the fillable form? Would any of you Tech Savvy guys like to make one? I would certainly pay you for your time. Thanks!

I was unable to download it. Try emailing it to me please.

Don’t forget to include this part John: “roof not complying with building code”


Me Too. Failed network error. I bet they would take the citizens one. They always have. I would like to see it though.

Here is a first draft, check it out let me know if you have any issues. I have not tried it yet.

Here is a copy of the form, I have not tried it yet. Let me know when you find issues with it, there is always some.

Same error as his john ???

This form is the same as the Citizen’s form with a different look.

Must be a nachi thing. I posted it in the Florida Inspectors Facebook page also

Almost. More risk for us I believe. I do not like it. Imagine that :slight_smile:

It was designed with the Citizens form as a guide. There are a few differences, such as no box for K&T or cloth wiring, roof not complying with “Building Code” (RS is already all over that one :shock: ), roofing with double layers, and washing machine hose type.

I just send them my Citizens 4P and they have always accepted it.

If i ever do another one i will send them that one also but have whatever they need anyhow in case they are jerks.

And who was it who wanted a uniform 4-point again? Oh yea, “EV”…and not the EV who plays lead guitar in VH!


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Where will you go next to beat your crazy drum???

I just received a Florida Farm Bureau request for a Wind Mit AND “Fireplace” inspection.
First insurance request that I’ve had for this. Anyone else ran into this? Does a standard need to be referenced?

I have never heard of one either but I would charge just as much as the 4 point. to do correctly I imagine it will take some time “Roof to floor and inside”. Do they have a fireplace form?

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They just keep wanting more and more :roll:

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