Financing available for anyone willing to start a company to compete with Mr. Fix It.

I am willing to help anyone out there who has a competing product to the “Mr. Fix It” book. I will pay for your first 50,000 copies and continue to personally subsidize this venture so that we can offer a better product, marketed more aggressively, at a lower cost.

Anyone looking to enter into a side business doing this… email me a

Mr. Fix It must go.

The Homeowner’s Handbook from the Certified NACHI Store.

Is there more that we need to do?

Tell us and we will get on it.

You have email… let me know.

Have some excellent ideas.

Hey, how about a Mrs. Fix It ???


Now you’re catching on. :slight_smile:

Fortunately I emailed Nick two days ago. :wink:

I hope that Nick picks someone that has a product ready to go.

The Homeowner’s Handbook

The Homeowner’s Handbook is an excellent book. I don’t think that is exactly what is being looked for though. Although I could be way off base.

From the research I’ve been doing over the last few days, what makes Mr Fix it a success is how personal and down to earth his material is, as well as being extremely easy to assimilate for the average person.

Having a face, a personality, those too are all things that contribute.

Greg, I don’t particularly see what being “ready to go” has to do with anything.

Being able to research your target market, find the niche, and fit into it perfectly is far more important than spending alot of money on a product that has already been out there for an extended period of time and is not competetive in this niche. Although HH is highly successful in it’s target market.

There is alot that goes into a book like this being a success and it takes far more than just the technical knowledge that goes into the book. Excellent writing skills, charisma, wit, style, charm…and much more, all contribute to the success of a book in this niche market.

I emailed Nick with my ideas, he said let’s do it, and I got on it. I don’t even care if he wants to have it written under a pseudonym or what. (Ms.Fix It or what have you, with some hot chickie poo on the front). I think Nick is looking for a best seller and that is going to take some serious writing and marketing.

It appears that Nick has a plethora of options from which to choose, I wouldn’t put too much time & energy into something new until he decides not to go with one of the existing platforms already out there.

So you’re saying I should just ignore the emails? Then when he asks me what I’ve done on it I won’t have anything ready?

If he wanted to go with something already out there, he wouldn’t have posted and asked.

Besides, there isn’t anything out there to compete on a level with this .

People don’t have to support me in this endeavor. I could write this book and no one would ever know it. So Nick doesn’t have to defend himself to everyone.

All I was saying is… I know for a fact that he has in his hands at least two finished products that he has yet to decide on.

I am certain that those products are of excellent quality. However, if he is looking for a best-seller and truly wants to make waves, not ripples, in the market, then he will go with something that is directly competetive with the books/gentleman I placed in the link above. Nothing that currently exists is obviously going to hit the New York Times Best Seller list. Nothing personal.

Besides. Nick is a man of his word.

:smiley: Wendy, That link is to the wrong Mr. It. Or did you know that?

I’ve researched the other MrFix it and that isn’t someone that I would be all that concerned about personally. But if that is what it is, then so be it.

I’m not going to lose sleep over the whole thing. Nick has broad shoulders and I am sure he has room for many ideas. If he isn’t interested in my idea that I sent out a few days ago, then I’ll market it to Amazon or someplace like that.

This is the Mr. Fix It that we see at other association meetings.

Yes, I saw him.

I agree Jay. I think your book is every bit as competitive against him in that market.

I think that my idea would go off in a different direction completely. But if I were someone looking to make an investment and see an excellent return, I’d go with my idea.

I am not opposed however to writing a book on a level with the one you are referencing at all. I am more than capable of doing that as well. That’s what pseudonyms are for.

I was named in the Who’s Who books for recognition of my writing skills years ago, and recently was solicited to write for a local newsletter. I love writing, and even if nothing comes of this (I still hope it does), I have found many new ideas and avenues just in the last two days to keep me more than busy and awake at night.

Should the book be written from here-say, or experience.

I believe I would get a contract of terms, or go it on my own before I invested time in it. Broad shoulders even drop things occasionally.

I agree. I am awaiting that in the mail.

As to hear-say or experience…? There are plenty of people who have massive amounts of experience and no talent whatsoever at writing in a manner interesting to the average person.

You would be surprised at how many people “write” books with the help of far more talented authors who ghost-write for them.

I would be more than happy to rewrite or editorialize someone else’s material and repackage it for more successful marketing.