Florida meeting for ALL Nachi inspectors.

Do we want classes? I am thinking more of just ORGANIZING the organization so we have a VOICE. Classes are given everywhere…John S. is trying to get us as a WIND MIT retesting organization. WE need to HELP HIM…I was more thinking of a brainstorming meeting. How to promote NACHI and its inspectors. How to increase and install different avenues of income.

Not a typical meeting with classes and all that kind of stuff. There are many of those already.

I wrote a post about how an ASHI inspector performed a poor inspection. It was not to bash ASHI, but the freaking Realtor stated it as if ASHI walks on water. We need to get NACHI out there and have people think like that about us. Lets not make this a typical meeting. But a meeting on how to organize, how we can have a VOICE in the state where we now don’t. How to push open doors in government to give us a fair shake when it comes to WIND MITs. Nick is our voice and we should be our voice. We LIVE here…we have more access and WE know our everyday problems.

I am with you on that, But since we are there, why not educate as well.

How is it that ASHI has the reputation that they do?? How can we overcome and dominate. These are the questions that should be addressed and this will be the perfect forum to do so.

I agree, but we only have so much time. If there is free time we can discuss Wind mits or other items. I just think our time will be at a premium and instead of rushing agendas. Let savor, think them through, come up with a plan of action, delegate, and determine what is needed.

I would be interested

As a new inspector, I would be very interested. Great way to network and learn from everyone elses experiences.

Welcome Josh, way to rock the first post!

I do not want to seem negative but, it is difficult to have the panhandle group get together with the south Florida group. I DO agree that a pooling of information, etc. would be very helpful for all of our Florida InterNACHI inspectors. I for one am interested in learning from other inspectors so count me in.

We dont think any less of the Panhandle inspectors just because they cant be in the luxurious tropical settings that we are accustomed to. (just kidding)
I think the point is to find a central location like maybe West Palm Beach, there is a nice place about a mile from my house (just kidding again, boy am I on a roll, well maybe a piece of bread…I cant stop myself, somebody slap me)

LOL Ken…thats why I think the center of the state would be a good idea. Do you guys think a Friday, Saturday full day would work, then travel home on a Sunday or Saturday night if you wish?

I think 2 days is needed. FULL days…trying to get together and at least brain storm how we can brand NACHI and its Auxillery services as the best in the business. I want law makers to know who we area and ask for our input…Nick is a great guy with a wealth of knowledge…but nobody knows what Florida needs more than us…He can coach us on how the big boys operate and guide us on the right track.

**Set the time and dates: HOMEINSPECTORUSA will be there Johnny on the spot. **We will bring white crystal sand from the panhandle. One Association, One Fight, One Country. Cheers!!! Panama City Beach Florida present!\:D/

Ocala seems to be close to the center of the state…what do ya think?

Pick the spot and they will come???

Count me in.

It is a great idea. The Fl chapter of Nachi needs to form a Political Action Committee/Fund to advance. A small fee from all the Fl members would go a long way in acheiving the goals. Yes, it means lobbist, funding law makers caampaigns etc… and playing by the same rules that all large organizations play by.

I will pay for the meeting room if we do it in Melbourne!

Hello Guys,

I am in as well…Keep us posted… Thanks

Doesn’t matter to me…just was thinking of a center point in the state…

This is a great idea. I’m in too.
I belong to the Florida Swimming Pool Association (FSPA) we have a bottom up organization with a modle that I think might work for us too.
The pool industry is every bit as competive as us HI’s and the FSPA has been oone of the biggest helps ingetting pool guys to work together.
I also think starting with FLinterNACHI would be a good way to go.
We love ya ZOE!

I like Ocala, only 30 minutes away. How about rotating it to differant areas, after the first few organizational meetings? Give every one a chance.


You tell us where, not everyone will be happy with any location.

I think Zoe could help organize it and maybe be our point person on the lobby. Maybe we could collect to have Zoe lobby/represent us.

Dennis could give an update on the the Nachi wind mit preferred vendor / citizens re-inspection list.

Ask Bill York to give a short Q&A while he sells his class to all that want to do wind mits. Possibly schedule his class the day before or after for those that need it.

Someone else could give a short class on Four points, we would all use the same ratings and ect. This could be turned into a NachiTV episode or nachi class on-line. We would all be doing them the same, or close anyway.

We could sign-up with a Paypal subscription maybe five dollars a month and twenty dollars to join. The money would go to the lobby, meetings and ect.

First meeting we nominate a board, they write the by-laws.

I can get us a nice meeting room, possible with kitchen access for next to nothing in Melbourne from the local Realtors Association. If we do them at a realtors associations it would bring light to who we are and what we do.

What do you all think?