Help Wanted. Volunteer message board moderators of non-members wanted.

I would be more than happy to act as a moderator Nick…'twould sure cut down on the emails sent and received.

I could be wrong but I don’t believe JB’s posts are the kind that need to be moderated.

[FONT=Arial]I believe that all members of the NACHI Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice {ESOP} Committee should be able to delete comments and or threads by NACHI bashing non members. [/FONT]

Agree… non-members would soon learn to show some respect
for another persons home.

This could end up being a can of worms. There are obvious conflicts between certain members and non-members. And there are certain people who hold grudges. This could turn into a mess if someone with authority to delete posts already has a history with the person whose post is being deleted.

And what about those that have thin skin in regards to certain subjects? Or they just don’t like the response? Or they personally don’t like a particular post or subject?

Strict guidelines will need to be set, that is for sure.

Non-members have no rights. It is a privilege to post on this forum.

I’ll help and I agree w/ mike

All too often we have “Turned the other cheek” and all we got was… Rosy Cheeks!

When someone comes into YOUR house and slaps your face, insults you, slanders you and your family…. Then they should be “shown to the door”!

This should have been implemented YEARS ago!

Place me in position of Non Member Message Board Moderation Czar, and I will delete all Non Member posts immediately. Problem solved

Add me to the list of moderators. I don’t get wrapped up in all the drama and believe in keeping the board free from a lot of the crap that goes on here in the past.

I agree. But that is not the issue I raised. Maybe you don’t like a post or the person that made a post, but someone else finds it helpful or amusing or scintillating. Without direction, you and you alone decide to delete the post. Other than making you feel good about the deletion, how has that helped the members who never got a chance to see the post or didn’t think it was worthy of deletion?

I don’t have a problem with any posts made by Ray or his multiple identities being deleted as soon as possible. That makes sense. And posts by non members made strictly to insult or denigrate our organization or a member of our organization should be gone also.

But what happens when one of those given authority to delete posts doesn’t like the post a member made? Sure you can say, “oh they would never delete a member’s post”. There is nothing you can say that can convince me that it would never happen. There are some that hold grudges. Plain and simple. And when the passion comes out in regards to politics or religion or any of the other hot button topics, the power can get out of hand.

Power corrupts; Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

We’re going to have to be reasonable here. If a non-member is in the middle of a heated debate, you have to allow them to fight back. Just delete the posts that contain libel and swear words… and that would go a long way to achieving our goal.

I’d be glad to help when I can.

I agree. This could really get ugly.

I suggest that if you intend to volunteer, you should look first at your own agenda. If you can’t set aside your own bias, you shouldn’t consider being a “moderator.”

Very could point. I noticed some of the “volunteers” have previous post on many different threads that should qualify for deletion. :wink:

I volunteered Jeff for the simple reason that there isn’t anyone on this BB that I dislike.
We have 2 current non-members posting away and taking shots at INACHI and it’s members. One of them is an expelled member and I would vote to delete every post he makes, just to send a message to others. The other person blasting away also makes intelligent and enlightening posts in the tech sections…those posts I would leave.

I would think that before any post is deleted, perhaps a message be sent to the offending party, offering the chance to amend their post.

My thoughts only.

Member post cannot be deleted by this process.

Non-members do not have the same grace. They do not
have the same protection, but do have some.

I believe if someone gets out of hand and starts deleting
for no reason, he will be corrected by Nick and others.

Just those two items would do wonders… and then everyone can get mad at the
person who deleted the post… :slight_smile:

I could not agree more. I would also add that a group of 12 volenteers could get them deleted faster.

How would they know who deleted the post?