Hey Dan and Todd... any truth to this rumor?

I heard that ASHI recently received a state contract to issue driver’s licenses to teenagers. Each teenager, without taking a single course or a single exam is asked to go out and drive in public for 250 miles first, before getting their driver’s license.

ASHI also bid on a similar contract to issue Medical Doctor’s licenses to college freshmen. The college kids have to first perform 250 fee-paid surgeries for unsuspecting patients as the only way to achieve their M.D.

I heard that there is one ASHI M.D.-wannabee out there offering free amputations just to get his 250 surgeries in.

I thought that was only in Illinois.

Funny not nice but real funny .
I love it and it is the way it is at ASHI and ASHI north ( CAHPI/OAHI)

No I haven’t heard this…:shock: :shock:
Do you have a link to this disturbing information.:roll: :roll:
I have heard that ASHI aka American Sociaty of Home Inspectors} www.ashi.org
“certifies” home inspectors only after an inspector takes an on-line proctered exam, provides documenation that the inspector auctually completed any inspections at all, and verifys by report review that the inspector has enough HI knowelge to provide an inspection report that meets ASHIs nationally reconised SOP, the same SOP that most states and other competing HI associations used as a guide line to form their own SOP.

I did hear that there is some guy from what I understand, he has an intersting / questionable past history in home sale negotations:eek: ] that created a joke of an on-line quiz to “certify” home inspectors.
From what I understand this guy will market anybody as a “certified home inspector” to the public, that claims they
passed his non proctored on-line quiz , From what I understand there are many non humans that passed this exam;-) :wink:
pays him 289.00
then promise him they will complete other requirements, that not one person out of 10,000 newly certified inspectors can honestly state that ALL of the additional requirements were ever verified as completed.

Does ASHI verify that their “certified” members completed their required inspectors correctly (as you know… checking a small sampling of the reports for SOP compliance in an era where all the reporting software sold generates SOP compliant reports is meaningless). How does ASHI know that their certified members didn’t do 250 inspections incorrectly? Do they send someone out to every inspection or what? ASHI certified my toilet-flusher (inspector helper) and he is still listed on ASHI’s site.

Now Nick…:shock: You, all your members, and the public knows thats not possible.
Home Inspectors like someone getting their drivers, medical or any other lic. can only provide proof that they met the requirements by the licensing, or as home inspectors " certifiing " HI Orgs…
I do know for a fact that ASHI does require , verify, that inspectors complete required / approved CE for continued membership, many CE courses provided by ASHI and approved ASHI HI vender’s provide report writing courses, from what I’ve seen these courses are very well attended by ASHI members, new or very experienced.

Your toilet helper… Maybe you are very informed on HI SOP, Were you not once an ASHI member ? :wink: ] taught him well , allowing him to advance to acquiring the title ’ ASHI Certified Inspector" the title, truth is very few inspectors will take the extra effort to complete ASHIs “certification” requirements, that exceed all other HI orgs in the country.:slight_smile:

Nick… Your loosing your touch… :shock: :shock:
This post has been around for quite a while and less than 300 views…:twisted: :twisted:

Geez!! Went out to do a wind driven rain leakage investigation this AM and all this broke out…I should stay home more and mind the house!!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: You never know what will happen on this soap
" As the nacho world turns"
Maybe one of nicks approved venders will come up with …
HI t-bow [or someting like that] that transfers nacho soap posts to your mobile :wink:


Why in the heck would you involve me in your stupid little games? I am not affiliated with ASHI in any way.:roll:


Nick… I agree all reporting software has data to provide SOP compliant reports…
I do know for a fact that many new inspectors do not know the SOP in full, fail to click required items, inspect required items ? to assure the HI report does meet the SOP.

Truth is, to the best of my knowledge there is only 1 reporting system out there that is capitable of not printing a report unless all SOP items are reported on. [SOP items still need to be deteremined by the inspector as a required item]

NACHI … Revenues/ Ratings/ BB views are down…:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

You’re right. It was more fun when NAHI was permitting their members to work to correct defects they find on their own inspections. The whole preferred vendor scheme thing just isn’t as interesting.

Hi Dan…The reason may be that NACHI inspectors are busy marketing and getting work.
Is the ASHI site with it’s declining and aging(as in losing eyesite) membership doing any better .
I have found many of the ASHI members to be sarcastic and baiting when it comes to posting threads in general,on every forum I have read.
This type of constant hate usually comes out of fear of the unknown.
It is a shame **that **associations membership would rather spread negative notions into the publics mind regarding hard working inspectors, rather than try to increase their confidence in the industry as a whole.
Why not just shoot yourself and get it over with.
If this kind of time was spent getting clients,there would not be so much time left over for sulking on the competetors web site.

You may be correct.:slight_smile: :slight_smile:
I know I’m POd at nick and nachi members because last week I only scheduled 11 inspections, opposed to my normal 12-14, not to mention I only have 18 scheduled for June when I normally have 20-22 for the next month, by the end of the previous month…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

One more time Nick, or whomever is posting as you today…

Why did you include my name in this thread?

Just to wrap up.
Yes some of the things NACHI has done may seem unconventional or not always the exact right thing to do at times.
But guess what.The more pro-active you are the more chances for failure which goes hand in hand with success.
The most successful people in the country are the ones who fail the most.
If you choose to fixate on the failure part of it.Well I guess you become what you think about.What you feel is what you think is what you speak is what you do is who you are.

Well, you are kicking my ***, as it has been slow down here in the old Pueblo. My max is 3-5 a week as I have many other things on my plate and at this time a year ago I was turning away 4-8 a week that I was not able to do.

This month I have been lucky to get 4 a week.

This past couple of months I am lucky to fill my slots for HI’s. Times are hard for HI’s around here.:twisted:

I am curious as to how you schedule inspections a month ahead of time? Is it all the (11th month) jobs ?

You, my friend, are a wise man…:smiley:

However, please do not put all your ducks in one. . . . row?


Hey! did you see the NACHI car in todays event?? Solid.

My point is, if Nick is going to tell everyone about new stuff, well than if it does not work out he sould tell everyone the same.

I am curious as to how you schedule inspections a month ahead of time? Is it all the (11th month) jobs ?

Yea… For the past year plus, I’ve only done 6-8 re-sales a month.
Realtors around here get upset if you cannot do a re-sale in 2 or 3 days or provide free termite inspections, and tell their customers to call another inspector. :slight_smile: