Hurricane Ready

Get off our Florida forum yankees !:slight_smile:

LOL good to see your alive Roy

We made it through it fine, all though there is a ton of devastation everywhere around us! I am in Port Orange which is just south of Daytona. I had a small roof leak and a couple of ripped screens and missing fence panels. A couple miles away from me the water from the river came up to US 1 which is probably about 1/4 mile away from it. A1A got washed out up in Flagler Beach, mobile homes are tore all apart, uprooted trees everywhere, roofs on condos on beachside are ripped off, piers are half way gone, etc, etc. now I’m just trying to figure out what kind of other work I can do, don’t think many people are going to be buying houses. Any ideas?

Glad it wasn’t a direct hit, palm coast minor damage, power still out, heard Flagler beach got it bad

But what’s up with all the armed national guards on A1A???

Yes, read the section title and the post title. You and the other usual suspects are posting comments which have nothing to do with the topic.
Please remove them and keep your bs in the NFE section.

Yea, the coastline got it pretty bad. My Parents live in New Smyrna Beach, and they just now got power. Lots of trees down, but they were ok otherwise.

The guards are probably to prevent looting …