I am endorsing Charles Gifford for the next ASHI president.

If you are an ASHI member, please vote for him.

Nick, are you an ASHI member? If not, why interfere in their elections?

Charles is not running for President. He is on the slate for Vice President, if he wins.

The 2007 ASHI President is Frank Lesh, from Chicago, IL. The President Elect (will be the 2008 President) is Brion Grant from Flagstaff, AZ.

Charles could be the 2009 President if he wins the 2008 Election. All of the ASHI officers are elected by the membership, none are appointed.

Hope this helps.

Michalski, are you an ASHI member? If not, why don’t you STFU?:roll:

Good choice Nick. When the time comes Charles has my vote too; I have known him for about three years in both ASHI & FABI and believe he has the best interest of our profession at heart furthermore, he would do a good job as president.


Scott is right; Frank Lesh is current president elect for 2006, soon to be president in 2007. Brion Grant is president elect for 2007 and slated to be president in 2008.

As far as Charles however, I personally have known Charles for probably close to 11 years now, and while we differ on some topics, we think the same on many. He has my vote also.

Being a stern ex marine, he has taken me to shreds a few times in a professional way, has never been afraid to speak his mind about what he believes in and at all times fights for what is right for the customer in our profession, a higher standard. For this I have tremendous respect for Charles.

He brings a lot to the table, being a successful business owner of a multi inspector firm and a franchise owner of one of the nation’s largest franchise company’s. From an ASHI perspective he is an ideal candidate for the job of vice president of ASHI and will not be afraid of any challenge.

Good luck Charles


Ditto on Joe Burkeson and Michael Rowan’s comments above.

I have many, many friends who are ASHI members and many NACHI members who are also members of ASHI (Joe and Michael for example).

I’m asking all of them to please take a few minutes out and vote for Charles.

I’ve also talked to Charles several times in the past few years, have respect for him AND even though he is a “Jar-Head” would vote for the man. Heck anybody is entitled to 1 mistake in life.

What the heck am I missing with this post… Since gromicko existed is primary purpose has been destroy nahi, bash ashi and ashi members and change the way ashi does business…

Now he thinks he has the power and authority to suggest how ashi members should vote???:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Exactly how much “power and authority” do you think one must have to simply endorse a candidate?

Your box is red and, very soon, you will no longer be able to post under your present profile. Before you go, however, please note that the many NACHI members who also belong to ASHI would likely benefit and prefer to see more cooperation and unity between these two associations. Nick’s good faith endorsement is the first step toward that end, IMO. I hope our members who will be voting take heed of this message.

It would be easier if he could just disable his reputation. Right?

Thats an idea.:wink:

To address Joe Michalski’s and Dan Harris’ concerns…

NACHI and ASHI have many ties. We are the largest and second largest inspection associations (respectively) in our industry, we attend the same conventions, we share many common members and vendors, we share very common goals (ending preferred vendor lists for example), we share very common ethics (stopping inspectors from offering repair services for example) and we still have legal disagreements that haven’t been settled (ASHI’s infringment on our HI Experience trademark for example).

So it is very much “business of mine” to try and support a stand-up fella (someone I can deal with straight up) like Charles in his run for office.

Please vote for him.

I like that ASHI has elections for leadership positions. I wish we did here.

Exactly how much “power and authority” do you think one must have to simply endorse a candidate?

One has to ask why??? Nick can claim all the buddy stuff that he wants… the fact is there is no comparisom between the two orgs and his endorsement only hurts this gentlemans reputation a reputation I’m sure he worked hard for thur honesty and supporting the creditiabilty that ASHI members worked hard for over 30 years .

If your not aware of ashi policys, members that run for office have an opporutiny to solicit members votes by informing what they offer the membership and members vote on those terms… I dought a recommendation from a dictator of another/ competing org has any value, including from an org where the orgs owner claimes to be the spokes person for our profession.

Quite frankly Nicks endorsment is not different that that dictator Chavaz?]that went to NY and handed our free oil coupons to influence the poples vote there.

The only difference is Nick hands out free nachi memberships to ashi members in an attempt to influence them and think the way he wants all inspectors to so he can be the dictator of all HIs.

Ouch! :shock:

What can I say? I’m a sucker for representative democracy.:smiley:


Wait - James taking a portion of a quote out of context??? No way! How unusual!

Huh Dan?

What ASHI inspector that knows me doesn’t like me? I’m pretty sure I’m friends with all of them, as far as I know anyway.