I just landed a pile of Move In Certified inspections! And I'm not even an inspector.

I’m at FastSigns ordering MoveInCertified yard signs an hour ago and a REALTOR comes in behind me to order her signes and overhears the FastSigns lady talking to Chris on my cell phone about the fact that our file http://www.moveincertified.com/download/yardsign2.zip is only 72 DPI, but it is vectored and so looks good blown up big.

Anyway, she asks if I’m a REALTOR. I tell her that I’m not but that our association members are inspectors who inspect listings for REALTORs who want to sell their inventory faster. Her mouth about dropped open. We talked for over 20 minutes about the program. Luckily I remembered everything from the http://www.moveincertified.com/agents page.

She wants every one of her listings to be Move In Certified. I’m speaking at her sales meeting in 2 weeks. This thing sells itself.


Funny thing was, I was only ordering the signs. Can you imagine if I was picking them up right in front of her?

Glad you dont inspect …who would sell US??? Thanks Nick

Glad you dont inspect …who would sell US??? Thanks Nick

Way to go Nick…

I’ll ask them if NACHI TV can film it. If they won’t let me then I’ll shoot a fake NACHI TV show as if I’m talking to REALTORs at one of their sales meetings about it. Then you can see what I do (maybe good, maybe not so good), but at least you’ll see what I think works.

If I can do it at the counter at FastSigns without an appointment and unprepared… I’m sure I can do better when I do it for the Board of REALTORs next Thursday http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=13801 and the local agents after that.

That Thursday is a long day by the way. Board of REALTORs speach in the morning, Gerry Beaumont’s class in the afternoon, chapter meeting in the evening, then begin a 7 hour drive to set up booths at the ASHI conference in Atlanta the next day. Aaaaggghhh!

Can I be the Realtor. Please

Thanks for loving us so much! Way to go Nick!

Make sure you let us know when it is up. Also, I recommend that you have RR make it into a power point. Who better to hawk this program then the master his self. :mrgreen:

RR would knock this one out of the ball park, it would have agents on the edge of their seats. That’s why I’m going to get more banners made for when our members do REALTOR Expos. It is a show stopper.

I hope I have tried before

Gary, where are you? I want to come and do a few real estate sales meetings with you.

Nick, you are coming to NH soon aren’t you? I would like to help start a program here for our NACHI members, many of which are hurting right now.

Let me know what I can do, Thanks for everything you do!

Nick — Will this service be available for FSBO folks as well as real estate salesmen?

It is available for FSBOs now.

Peter, Frank has me coming out first of Dec I think. We got our Real Estate course approved by the NH Real Estate Commission: http://www.nachi.org/nhapprovalgromicko.htm

And guess who’s teachin’ it? :cool:

We’re expecting 400 real estate agents in my class. They get Real Estate Commission approved continuing education for it.

That’s great Nick, I will see Frank tomorrow and see how we can help our NH members get more inspection’s.