In this day in age how can we save

I was just wondering in in todays state of mind of conserving Money ,Limit pollution and so on.
With the new NACHI books Like The one Ben is is offering for 1.99 would it not be better to send a PDF file instead of a hard cover . It would make sense to send a PDF with the inspection through email Thus saving shipping, Paper and so on. NACHI could charge the same or less and Boast How they are doing thier part of conserving . It seems there is alot of soft cover books floating around which ussally sit on a shelf somewhere. I would say most people now do the file thing . I know i save all PDF information in a folder and have it on Hand when i need the information. Just a thought. And i know someone is going to say how can you make money that way. Well i am sure if you think about it Saving the book in pdf is not that expensvie and if you sell a right to Memebers to use it Money saved from printing shipping and reshipping it would all work out.
I know i would buy it that way so i didnt have to store boxes of books , Carry and handle. And if any additions where to be made it could be easily added
Oh yeah I am not a tree hugger but i do see benifets in conserving
Any thoughts

Try taking a pdf to the “library” - kinda tough - how many ebooks do you think a client will read - sometimes it is hard just to get them to read your inspection report on a pdf - they just call and say “So what did you find?” - I like to conserve too, but I like to eat and anything to keep your name in front helps - just my 2 cents -

Amazon is making a killing with Kindle and e-books. Maybe a sea-change occurring?

It was just a question Library’s are not over used in these days in fact many are being closed.
This is the electronic age , I hand manual’s also but i have had a lot people say No thanks it just collects dust. I also send much information through the email And had good response
The fact that people are going to remember you from a hand out is not to promising
They will however remember a good inspection. I am not saying stop advertising just some things may be good electronic.

I asked this question in another thread, and Nick answered this. It was Intended to be a Marketing tool, not a Email forward. Which i understand, but I would still like to have the option.

Nothing wrong with conserving whatsoever. People seem ashamed to conserve- have we forgotten Americans were once thrifty?

Greg- why would one need to take a PDF to a library? Also, if one needed to, it would be easy. Email it and check @ library; use a flash drive; etc etc.

NACHI could print their books on 100% recycled paper and use soy-based ink. Print on demand only for those who want print copies. Email PDFs for everyone else.

There’s a common sense middle ground to every problem.

I think it could be used as a marketing tool also in pdf with the a paragraph stating we are doing our part to conserve but still spreading the word and staying green

I’d like to see NACHI offer .PDF’s of their major book publications.

I’d believe that there could be a $ignificant revenue source for NACHI, from offering them to members at a very inexpensive price structure, and yet still making a great profit for them…$$$$

I started to use HIP and now i have nothing to give to my clients at the inspection. the idea of these books was great. thanks nachi:D

I wash out and reuse ziploc baggies. :smiley:

As a disclaimer, my family is involved in the timber business, doing selective logging. So, I say, cut them trees, timber!!

The internet is good for some, however, “books” on the internet for us older folks not a good option. To hard to read!!! It would get read maybe once, then deleated. The printed version is more likely to “hang around” and is thus a “reminder” to the customer, and probably more likely to be read, if only out of curosity by the customer. It is a great marketing tool, and is more likely to be “shared” with others, thus a good bang for the buck.

As a consumer, I am more likely to read a paper insert, than I would if it were “go to www.???”. The paper version lasts longer, can be recycled at the end of its useful life.

If you consider it hard to store a box of good advertising material, then I must assume you also find it hare to store a box of paper for your printer!!

Gotta go, hear those chain saws reving up!!

PS: OUR libraries are not under used. They are closing and hours limited only as punishment to the tax payers for not having the same “priorities” as our elected goons. Closing/cutting funding to items the goverment SHOULD provide (fire protection, police protection, emt, parks, etc), thus transfering $$$ to their “pet” projects and “lobbying interests”!!

How about a “coffee table” printing??!!

Glad there is still people concerned , Keep up the good work. Make us proud

That is a political statement that some may not agree with, and thus you could offend some.

I would say, offer both versions and allow each inspector to decide what works best for him/her, and keep the “saving mommy earth” out of the equation.

(are you also going to send in pdf, al gore’s book "earth in the balance??)

Pushing/promoting a political agends may not be the best marketing idea. Stick to the basics.

yuck !!!

Now i am confused how could stating doing our part conserving go to a political statement. And spreading the word of Al gore
That is a stretch Give me a break lol
BTW if you thought baggies are yuck wait to you hear about recycle condoms

(recycle condoms) :ack!::ack!::ack!:

“Going green” doesn’t equate to supporting the global warming theory. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to live in a cleaner environment. If someone is offended that I support a cleaner environment, fukc em’.

2 things one should stay away from in business (and personal) relationships. Religon and politics.

As inconvenient as it is, I do recycle. Paper is a recycleable material, and that one sheet of paper can be recycled many times over.

The orginal content of this thread was paper or pdf. and was based on an opinion “it’s good for the planet”. .

For me, I still believe the PRINTED VERSION is by far the better marketing marketing tool. And, it can be recycled by the customer, hopefully to others who are looking for an inspector. That’s recycling I can live with.

Loggers have to eat too!!

And those timber sales do help pay the property taxes!

For every tree cut down, 2 are replanted. Gotta have trees for the grand and great grand kids to cut down.

Living in a cleaner environment I can agree with. Nothing has irritadfed me more than the few who visit our national parks and leave their trash behind (pack it in, pack it out), those who litter our highways,n etc. That is the environment I am more concerned about.

That being said, the orginator of this thread proposes a PDF instead of printed versions and I say both should be an option.

When I get a PDF version, I PRINT it OUT on PAPER, USEING INK.
Thus, where is the savings??? I do so for a couple of reasons, one, it is easier for me to read, and two if it’s someting I wish to refer back to in the future, I have it eaisly at hand.

Should school textbooks be banned, novels, all library reference books on pdf?

I may have taken it wrong, but the poster struck me as ban the book, pdf only, and do it for the environment. I don’t take to well for others to shove their agenda down my throat.

I don’t see that this one little book is going to have huge impact on the environment. I do see it as a huge advertising impact.

If he has such concerns, then he should stop his newspaper (probably the largest users of paper and ink) cancel all of his magazine subscriptions, and definately NOT give the customer a printed copy of his inspection report! Walk the talk, do your part!!! Oh, and don’t forget to use that cloth reuseable grocery bag!!

Bottom line, I believe in FREE choice. Offer both options, don’t mandate the one you prefer!