Inspector Board...

Nick we can agree to disagree. I will never see it your way and you will never see it mine. We have two different vocations and ideas on how the vocation should go.

What you do is very good. You run one hell of an organization and do it well.


LOL. Please… one of the associations you mention has only 14 members left in Florida. On Monday, they financially imploded, let go of every staff member that worked there for years, took down their member search function, moved out of their offices, and they’re now run by a husband/wife team.

Soy you are suggesting a board where our 1,700 members in Florida (32,400 members worldwide) get the same vote as the 14-member (soon to be 2-member) association??? This thread gets more absurd with every post. :roll:

It is what it is. Your childish hate is what is absurd. Your bantering of others. We’re you picked on as a little kid and now what to pick on others? That little group ponied up $5K to be on this board, so yes they have the same right as we do. Hell it took four of us to put in $3600 to come up with the money. So that little group has apparently taken our profession seriously enough to dig deep in their pockets and try to make something better.

What is absolutely observed is the $586,000 you draw in membership dues from the Florida inspectors. I am glad you put that number out there, thanks. 1700 members, now that licensing is done and there is no more grandfathering, let’s see if that number goes up or down.

What do you want to bet it goes down? Little wager maybe?

Let the Florida home inspectors run Florida home inspectors. You keep doing what your doing and we will keep doing what we do. Nick you run a great organization, but could care less at who you step on or screw over to make that happen, it’s a well known fact. Its just a matter of time, when those who support you will get stepped on and screwed over. That’s ok, your a business man and that the way you run your business and you do it well.

But hopefully people see there is a need of more than just one of anything. When there is only one, that gets way to powerful, greed, power trips and arrogance comes into play.

So much greed that just the other day an organization was trying to sell a T-shirt with a little logo on the chest for $30! Can you believe that?

For the sake of open and honest discussion, has anyone heard the term “weighted poll”?

Great point! To carry it a step further:

Member 1 belongs to NACHI and is a contractor
Member 2 belongs to Fabi and is a contractor
Member 3 belongs to NAHI and is a contractor
Member 4 belongs to ASHI and is a contractor
Member 5 is a contractor


Get back on topic…your personal vendetta against Nachi or Nick is getting tiresome.
You screamed and hollered for a seat at the negotiating table now you are trying to protect your seat by creating a board made up of other professions. Let me guess…you would be the only one with 1 license.

My vote is no to this quasi board unless they are old time homeinspectors with at least 10 yrs experience. This would make you qualified Russell. I am not sure I would want you to represent me because of your stance against Nachi.

Well said Tom and I do not disagree with NACHi and the only reason I am on this board is NO ONE ELSE wanted it. No one else wanted to travel to Orlando, Tallahassee, and wherever else on their own dime and to take time away from their business and lives to do it.

If you read the first post, it is not if anyone particular person would be on the board, but if there should be a board. Know why you have input, because I make all decisions public and ask for input. Have anyone else done this on this board or were decisions made without caring what your input was, or were you told to shut up and sit down?

I have no problems with NACHI or NICK and care about them both. But everything is what it is. Just because I disagree on certain issues does not mean I am “against” it. IT just mean certain aspects I disagree with and state my views and opinions.

I am not an ALL or NOTHING kinda guy. I totally accept NACHI and NICK for what they are and in what they are. Is that wrong or do I have to just go along with everything without question?

Nick is a great guy and in numerous post right on this thread I point that out. But it is an organization that will look out for the organization and its growth. Once again, I seek quality not pure numbers.

You may not agree with my posts, but when you sit and try to work with other associations to make the Florida Inspectors respected and to try and elevate the profession to get a higher professional fee, it would not be prudent not to bash those I am working with to make it better. ALL of the council members have a desire to make it better and this post that I started is asking for input and the majority rules reguardless of my personal opinions.

What have you done for the profession Thomas? Please enlighten me. All those who complain are the ones who find fault in everything and do nothing to seek improvement. If your not part of the solution your part of the problem.

What have you done for the profession Thomas? Please enlighten me. All those who complain are the ones who find fault in everything and do nothing to seek improvement. If your not part of the solution your part of the problem.

I prefer to leave this to the old timers who know what we are up against. I applaud you for getting involved and believe you are the best man for the job. However as with any ORG. very few get involved and those that do are seeking opportunity…I didn’t believe you to be one but some of your post lately have me scratching my head.

To get back on topic there is a reason any body and their bother can do reinspections.

Now that the SOP is a done deal…Let’s concentrate on Licensed home inspectors being able to perform these.

Thanks Thomas… I am not out to add confusion, just to put the information out there for all to see.

To be 100% clear, I am NOT A NACHI representative and do NOT say that I am. I represent the FHII chapter of NACHI and represent its members. Not a single person represents NACHI except for whomever Nick decides.

The reason I post here is so that I can get the information out and get feedback in, to see what the vibe is to better represent the members in a unbiased manner.

Our chapter formed to provide a transparent chapter where no information was being withheld and that every member has a voice and that voice shall be heard, hence the posts that I make on this board.

I understand your position quite clearly as I believe I am a member of FLHII also.

Although I haven’t received any info about FHII since the yahoo site went down. Did you get a website going yet…

Back on topic…what’s FHII position on getting homeinspectors the opportunity to be included in the reinspection program…

You all know that there is contractors on the council now, and there have been Realtors on the council too, right?

I would not care how the HIs were appointed. The point of bringing the other professions in would allow them to listen to our reasoning and they would have A voice. With the council weighted by HIs it would not make a difference in votes. DBPR does not want to the job of a board, they have no expertise and differ problems to others like Inspection Depot. I would rather a board decide than people that have raped our profession. Did anyone notice that our SOP and COE are not done yet? If there is a complaint about you at this point people with no expertise will decide your fate.

Good points and good discussion. I disagree with some of your points- but they are still valid and worthy of discussion.

Having a voice is one thing, having a vote is another. Experience has taught me these things rarely turn out the way most of those in favor envision them turning out. Remember who the “players” were when licensing got shoved through. Just a reminder; home inspectors are the home inspector profession’s worst enemy.

Yes … and they are now wanting to be elevated to a position of control via a “board”.

Convincing the more gullible of Florida inspectors to join their efforts in advancing themselves is amusing (as well as educational).

Anybody can have a “seat at the table” but only a chosen few will eat the steak.

Sorry, but it is not amusing to me. I live and work here and have serious concerns with the formation of a “home inspector licensing board”.

You should.

There are people who think they are smarter than you and should be in control of how you operate your business.

A collective effort to repeal your ridiculous law instead of empowering the numbnuts who lobbied for it would be much more productive, IMO.

As you well should be. what is the charter and purpose of a licensing board? Everyone keeps saying so you will have a voice. Sorry, that tired old saw has been used to death. Next it will be “its for the children”. You already have voice. Anytime more than two people get together in any setting one of them makes himself a General and the next thing you know there are more unelected people telling you what to do and how to run your business. If I were starting a business today, I would not get into the home inspection business and I sure as hell would not do it in the State of Florida. Practically every other State has a better, more carefully constructed HI licensing law.

There were so many cooks making this law it is nothing but hog slop now and by all accounts it keeps getting worse (think IRS tax codes for an example). The more they diddle with it the worse it gets.

I was against licensing, just for the record. And you statements are why.

John, I remember…a lot of us were against it and for all the right reasons. The thing was a political football and when money talks, politicians will sell their mother’s home for cash. Many who had been against it in every effort before suddenly couldn’t vote for it fast enough.