Joe F. is also in chargwe of CMI??

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Re: CMI Application
Originally Posted by dpeterson
What is the verdict Mr CMI COE Chairman

That would be Joe Farsetta.

I must now go and puke. CMI, ESOP. Who runs this Org???

I wish ah, wait a second… I don’t care:D:D:D:D:D

Go Joe go!:shock::shock::roll::roll::roll:

Mr Allen,

My vote was for you, i don’t know what happened

PS: Thank You for bringing CMI to the top of the treads and the free Advertising.

WOW, that makes up for all my red boxes in my last post.:D:D:D

It would seem my post was missinterpreted (sp)

My point is and was. How does Joe F. get to be the top man on so many things that are so important to NACHI. ?

We have seen his flip flop in the ESOP position.I do wonder why he is now in charge of the “joke” that is CMI? OHHHH wait a second I think I understand…:D:D:shock::shock::roll::roll:

No offence to you Joe as I think you are being used.:frowning:

Todd is great if he has not heard of a new rumor by 8:00Pm he will try and start one … Cookie

This is no rumer my friend, this is the truth.

It seems Joe is the chair of the ESOP and the CMI… Did you vote for that?

Did you have a choice?

If you did have a choice did you vote for Joe?

Yes indeed, I am burning my last irons in this fire, so say what you will.:cool:

Mr. Roy Cook, I doubt that you had ANY say in what is going on here. So, you my friend are nothing but a sheep in the field.

Look, this is supposed to be a for members by members deal… I have not seen this happen since RR help put down the blind inspector in 2004.

I wish the members here would put there foot down when the BS is put before you, but I guess all of those folks are gone… as James and his seven friends now have full control of this board.

I am ashamed of you all for letting this happen.:twisted:

Red box me all you want the people who care know what I am talking about.:cool:

Do I think NACHI is perfect no .
But having been a member of many other Home inspection associations .
I do feel NACHI is far superior then the others I have seen.
It does more for all home inspectors by far.
It is not near as secret as the others I have belonged too.
The returns are far better for a lot less money.
I at least say and support what we have and do my best to improve it .
Running away and complaining has not shown me as any way to improve things.
… Cookie

Well, that sure changes things.:roll::roll::roll:

I did my time Roy and tried my best.!!

I can appreciate that but what do you hope to do now on the outside except Pi$$ people of.
If you have information then post it but to throw stones constantly does little.
At least you are allowed to post here you know this is not allowed by any other association.
… Cookie

It would seem you do not pay attention ROY. I have posted much info only to be slamed (red boxes), but thats OK I still do what I can.

I only throw stones were they need to be thrown.:smiley:

What does it matter to you on who does what for this organization? You may call us sheep playing follow the leader but Nick has not taken us down the wrong path. NACHI keeps growing where other HI organizations are losing membership by the ton. Nick has never said NACHI is perfect but he works 24-7 to improve it. He thinks of us as members more than he thinks of himself. James B.and his (as you call them) his 7 friends have done a lot for us. I may not agree with every move that is made but I know Nick and his people are doing right by all members. I will support Nick and company 100% and will never bad mouth him or James B.
I LOL at your feeble attacks of NACHI and Nick. Please make NACHI a better place and quit posting here.



I’ve been trying to get an answer from the CMI Gods about why their website is not specific about what type of Inspector they are Certifying as “MASTERS”, read their application, “Home” is only mention two or three times, once it says inspections conducted “ON” a home, and the others reference Home Study.

John says that CMI is only for Home Inspectors and that ancillary inspections such as mold, radon, etc don’t count towards the qualifications of MASTER, but where does it state that in the application or website?

I don’t know what their problem is with admitting that CMI is part of NACHI and that it is in reality just another tier, one with no credibility, maybe the problem is that Nick hopes to draw in Inspectors from other associations, and it seems professions, who if the realized the connection to NACHI would not spend the $375 for the logo.

Looks so strange you seem to think you need answers immediately.
You who pays nothing for the use of our BB.
You do not understand how we the NACHI members are very pleased on how things are going and you show you envy by comming and trying to convince us you are correct and we are idiots to not see things your way.
Sorry for you, and your actions, show your reasoning seems to be still asleep.
… Cookie

But Roy, I have paid to use this message board, I’m paid up till June 08’, and it would appear that not All NACHI Members are “Happy” with the way things are going, why else do so many quit, and why does Nick still have to offer freebie memberships, software, etc. to entice new members to join…I thought NACHI reached it’s membership limit months ago. Just what is the turnover rate in NACHI?

I’m starting to believe I owe Ms. Forsyth an apology, maybe her “behind the scenes” information about why people joined NACHI was correct. Polls that have been conducted here support her statement, many more Inspectors join NACHI and then ASHI than the other way around.

Lewis has joined the rank of “stray cats” around here and if he keeps getting fed he will return to feed often.:frowning:

Thats what the ignore button is for.

But I’m a stray who has paid to post here, thanks for the snack Michael, I’m sure you will continue to feed me.

It takes discipline
to use the “ignore” button, most of you don’t have enough, your curiosity and need to defend Nick and his marketing schemes keeps you coming back