Member of the Year

Two nominees , Jeff Pope and Charlie Bottger voting will go to 12-26-12

Unlike the 2012 presidential election, the choice is more challenging because both gentlemen are equally helpful and respected within the NACHI community. Good luck to the both of you.:slight_smile:

I have no knowledge of the person than nominated me but I appreciate the thought. One can not find a more knowledgable and respected member than Jeff Pope I wish him the best

This should be good two great members .I wish them both well… Roy

Two well known great Inspectors.

Congratulations on the Nominations and Good Luck to both of you. :):smiley:

I guess you have to walk on every roof at every home inspection to get nominated.

Walk like a Butterfly. :mrgreen:

Can I vote twice?:smiley:

Gary I have kidded around with you a lot this last year. Coffee Your place or mine. Especially about roofs no harm intended.

I know in your market that has down turned you have been fustrated simply put bcause you struggle doing the same thing you always did when the market was good. You have to change tactics what use to work in the market place no longer brings the bread home.

You and Dan both do the same things over and over and expect different result. Its not going to happen. I turned a 6 digit income this last year in the worst of all markets in a very rural area because I recognized a need for a change of the way I do business. It did not happen over night it took 5 years of planning and changing.

Trust me I can come to your market KC and make a 6 digit income and you can too if you would just listen. First things first you have to drop your Ego. Thinking because you have CMI in your name that clients will bowe at your feet. You need to market what you can do not something in your name.

WOW, two outstanding nominations! I’ve read many posts and know, for fact both these guys have done a lot for the industry and to help along some less experienced inspectors out there. Either one is a great choice, good luck choosing. I may end up flipping a coin, or hacking the poll and voting for both (kidding i can’t hack anything).

PS, as it should be nearly 50/50.

Hard to compete here with the $249 company with termite and radon testing on any size home. They also participate in “RE office programs”.

You have to be cheap, non-alarming, short reports, write up no defects, to get business here. Walking on roofs just alerts the RE and the owner that you may have damaged the roof, and to watch for leaks; whether or not it does.

Dale Duffy would get my vote.


Two awesome nominees!!! :smiley:

It was a tough decision but my lucky quarter has spoken! :mrgreen:

Quick side note to Gary… Quit yer bitchin’ in damn near every post, and actually provide some quality assistance to the guys/gals in need, and perhaps someone would ‘bother’ to nominate and vote for you. Just sayin’. :neutral:

Good luck to both of you, but at this rate you’re both going to win

See Gary you have a one track mind quit worring about what someone else is doing or thinking, concentrate on Just Gary. We need to flush your mind and start all fresh. How did you come up with these preconceived ideas on how to run a HI business.

I am not cheap I do alarm some folks Realtors and clients when I want to but I know how to control the alarm. I don’t do short reports and I list a ton of defects if indeed they are defects. All is required by you is to just take the first step and call me. You have a better market than I have.

I can not make it any simpler your attitude and your approach sux but both are fixable:D

ok guys the way I see this we have two deserving nominees here, both worthy of this award…but I’d like to make an observation. Jeff Pope is a young man and all things considered we can probably vote for him in 10 years. This Charley Bottger guy on the other hand…this guy is old ! I mean really really old …when this guy exhales dust comes out… just sayin…

never ever ever judge a book by its cover :mrgreen:

brush the dust off and listen

His cover dry rotted years ago…just sayin…actually the reason Charley is so smart is that he was around when pretty much everything was invented…gives the man an edge up…