NACHoo looses almost 3,000 members

Just a few months ago nacho had over 10,000 members, soo many that nachos owner declaired a freeze on membership, then stated that nacho membership would be worth 100s of thousands of dollars if a current member decided to sell theirs.

Quote 04-08 from a nacho source.

Well that explains a lot… Lets see, over the past few months their have been several non delivered member promises that would of cost nachos owner $s …
Several attemps by nachos owner, and members in the know, to bash and discredit another HI association by posting false information and lies about them…
Nacho members now have to pay for some nacho tv CE,
and tooo many more items to mention.

Last one out … turn out the lights, thats if the utility company doesn’t first.:twisted: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Dharris, quoting a statement that contains errors is less than authoritative.

But you already know that didn’t you?

I’m not sure what your asking…:roll:
Is that kinda like nacho’s owner and nacho members posts about ASHI that are not verified, or where the topic of post is a lie…
You know … kinda like if nick said it, it must be true.
Or Are you saying that nacho members don’t know the truth of how many members belong to their org? :shock: :shock:

Get a life

Well geeze… thats not nice,
An outsider may read this and think, humm, mr zezza supports and promotes a hi org that lies about other hi and hi orgs, then when confronted he gets all piss-y to the other inspector:roll: :roll: :roll:


That’s if the utility company doesn’t punch your lights out first.

The only saving grace for your utility company, is you are such a dim bulb they aren’t losing much.

Not pissy at all, just don’t know why you want to waste your time here. Who is mr zezza?

A third party observer would have to ask himself what legitimate reason any organization would have for so much secrecy surrounding the exact number of members. This is the age of computers. That should be a couple keystrokes away. I can’t think of any good reason, save for simply not wanting that information to be a matter of public information. Is far better to have the perception of possibly being a large organization rather than post real numbers and eliminate doubt from a pure marketing standpoint. To that end, I probably wouldn’t want the numbers known either.

Good point.
Some do, some don’t.
As a member of another org I am informed every month.
May of 2007 that org had 5849 members,
May of 2008 the same org had 5462,
of course one of nachos elete claimed, on this site, that org lost a 1,000 members in that time period.:roll: :roll:

Just spending a few min with you… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Who is mr zezza… just a habit to mispell, to make sure google doesn’t pick up something negitive about another inspector due to my post…

Thank you, that was very thoughtful. I think I’ll go have a cigarette now:)

It sounds like you have a lot of hate inside you. To spend so much time and emotion cannot be a good thing. Sometimes its best to walk away and focus on what is important (enjoying life).

Why do you care about the membership of InterNACHI? You are not a member.

Why do you care about some InterNACHI TV CE? You don’t have to pay for it.

If Nick is bashing or discrediting other organizations, you have also (even a wife beater justifies their actions).

I’m not saying that I disagree with everything that you say but I’m saying that there are better ways of doing things.

Just a note: I wish the CE video was around when I started in the home inspection business. I don’t know about ITA but I like the direction AHIT is going for CE over the Internet. If NACHI can do the same for much cheaper, good for them. The Carson Dunlop & Associates video I watched around 7 years ago was boring. I think most can agree with me on that.

Does anyone know if Carson Dunlop & Associates came out with new videos and if so, do they still put you to sleep?

NACHI statistics are available in the member’s only section. They are listed state by state, alphabetically or by size. Those figures are not part of the message board system that allows a$$holes like to to continue to post.

As a non-member, they are none of your business.

Yesss sir.:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
It looks like maybe you are an informed member of this org.
Maybe you can explain why ASHIs members are so important to one of your orgs self appointed spokes person and leader…heck maybe you could even explain why he would lie, on this open to the public message board system, about the membership numbers of an other org…

Why is Dan using info that I made in a quote yesterday as gospel?


You have answered your own question. Some people have nothing better to do than waste their time. I don’t care about ASHI or their membership and I am sure they don’t care about me. I do think it is time you stop wasting your own time and leave the NACHI board to NACHI members. If you want to post helpful information like many non-members do, great. If not, just leave. It’s really simple.

Seems to me the other org. has a net loss of members.
But that number depends of who their accountants are and who audits the books??? Does Enron and Arthur Anderson ring a bell?

Seems to me like basic 2nd grade math.

No matter how you look at it, NACHI is still the larger of the orgs.

And, if my membership will be worth 100K, then I should buy multiple membershps. Damn good return on a few hundres dollars!! And my stock protfilo needs a boost. And, I thought I did well with Microsoft and Wal Mart!
silly me!!!

Thanks for the money tip!!! Gota go. Want to get my order in for that Hummer I always wanted!!!


With the market going down one would quess that association membership would also go down

If one can not stay iin the profession one can not send $'s to any association

Real simple untill the market changes in some areas some of us are going to be a little hungry to the point that we will not send $$ to our professional ***

Nothing against the *** - just $$

It has nothing to do with the *** - it is just hard times in some areas


Looks like somebody’s seminar did not go well this weekend.


No problem

I will stay around to turn off the lights

With the number of members that InterNACHI has this will be a long time to come