Need a Code Book

Im looking for a code book or litirature for both the home and appliences within,in PA if possible, i cant seem to find anything that i have found to be worth-while… and also include where i could purchase the material…

thanks guys


You do not go by local codes

Code book for what?

so if you dont go by local codes, what do you go by? and im also looking for a recall book or information website of sorts


I don’t really know what your asking for in this post actually but if your looking for recalls go to

If your looking for code books buy these

good stuff man, thanks alot, im not completely sure what im looking for either, but i’d rather be prepared… thanks alot

Try the office of the local jurisdiction where you do most of your work. The code enforcement departments often sell copies of the codes, complete with any addendums made by the local government bodies. The Code Check series is a good general guide. Electrical supply houses often have cases of the new NEC’s for their customers when they come out. Picked up a 2008 the other day for $55.00 (I’m not one of their high volume customers, they probably get them free!!) Usually the codes being enforced are a few years behind the most recent published due to local government reviews and acceptance.

You will find codes for your area here, but do not inspect by them if you wish to stay in business.$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:chicago_il

so besides our standards of practice, do you go by any codes, or just stick to the standards?

Adam before you inspect anything for code violations or what is up to par code wise in your area, you had better be an ICC Certified Residential Building Inspector, other wise don’t quote building codes or say something is a code violation.

The AHJ is the code enforcer, and can make changes, or allow certain things in a building to be different than how a particular code might be written.

see thats how i thought it worked, then a few friends of mine curious about the business were talking about checking codes and i was unaware, so stay away from codes unl;ess certified, now what about quoting on bad appliences and recalls, no cert right?

I use this in my reporting…

Massachusetts Home Inspections does not research product recalls or notices of any kind. A basic home inspection does not include the identification of, or research for, appliances and other items installed in the home that may be recalled or have a consumer safety alert issued about it. Any comments made in the report are regarding well known notices and are provided as a courtesy only. I recommend visiting the following internet site if recalls are a concern to you ( Product recalls and consumer product safety alerts are added almost daily.

The CPSC web site is very easy to use and has an on-line subscription service for notification of any recalls or safety concerns. There are many subscription choices, including subscribing to recalls involving only selected products, e.g., infant/child products, sports and recreation products, outdoor products, household products, and specialty products. There are literally thousands of recalls and safety concerns that have been released since the Consumer Product Safety Commission began operating in 1973, and they all are listed. Not all recalls and safety concerns make the headlines of your local newspaper. Massachusetts Home Inspections recommends that you subscribe to all CPSC press releases, including recalls. This will alert you to all recalls and safety concerns of products on the market today.

And how are you doing with your home inspection training Adam? Are you about ready to take the big test and get out there and make the big money??? From your posts it looks like you’re about ready to show us how it’s done. Do don’t need code certs to call a toaster or waffle iron bad.:wink:

lol, yea im getting ready, i got the funding together, have been buying the tools here and there to make sure i still have some capitol “just in case”… i did a practice inspection, but at the end i didnt feel fully comfortable with my knowledge of heating and cooling, along with elecrtical… so i need to invest soem more time. i cant wait to get started tho, ive been researching and going nuts, i mean ya’ll see im here daily at least 4 or 5 times, at work i leave the board up and running… so im hoping to get started by mid march… need to start schooling on IR, mold testing things like that just to bring more business (and more money;-) ) its just hard because i have thousands of notes between this board, all of ya’ll, my schooling, and when i go back because im unsure of myself i know what its gonna say before i read it, its just on the feild some things go right over my head… i really need to come up with a checklist on site, ive looked at some examples, but i need something more personalized ya know? sorry to rant like this, but yea i am very excited to get started, plus the oppurtunity to be your own boss, make your own hours, and know that there are thousands of other HI’s who have made it on there own… so yea i cant wait, im done ranting, and thanks for asking…

Adam: As another “Newbie” to this business, I HIGHLY recommend that you take your NACHI test and get with this association. It sounds to me that you are pretty close to the same place that I am in starting out. I have found a wealth of information and tons of people that are willing to help each other out at NACHI. If you have any other questions, one “newbie” to another, give me a holler via e-mail and I’ll help out any way I can.

it’s always good to know another newbie, and i definitly will… i have all plans of joining, and that test has been mocking me for some time now, must just be me but i can’t nomatter how hard i try get more then a 75, all i need is 5 points, ive researched the questions i didnt know and everything, but just cant get it, but i plan on trying this week again, and all the studing ive been doing ima ace it, i definitly will hit you up tho, same thing for me, you just look like your a bit more advanced in the process, all ive done was capitol, tools, and register the name… where did you school at?

Getting started doing what? I sure hope you don’t mean doing inspections on your own.

Are you afraid of the competition?? Adam seems pretty sharp. He’s got the code thing and that tic tracer thing figured out. He’s good to go. Ready for some ride alongs???


I am curious, what school are you attending?

Just wanted to remind you that there is a lot more than just passing the InterNACHI entrance exam and going to a school for home inspection in order to become a home inspector in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. You do realize that a home inspector in Philadelphia is concidered a professional licensure and in order to conduct any business defined as a home inspection you must be licensed. I am sure you have researched the fact that if you perform a home inspection without being licensed in Philadelphia, that you may be charged with a fine up to $300 and/or jail time up to 90 days for each offense.

Or, for $289 you can join now and still have money left over to buy a box of checklist reports.

I crack me up :smiley: