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My name is Mary
I’m a new member to InterNACHI
I want o be become a home inspector but I have no type of education or background in construction, home renovation, or anything in the field. I just started reading through How to preform roof inspections and I’m wondering if this online class works for people who have no type of experience. I seem to be getting discouraged because I feel like I need to be seeing things in the psychical in order to fully understand.
So my question is can this online course help me even though I have no experience ?
also I see that certain things are not required, Example: not required to measure the slope of a roof but in the chapter quizzes there is questions on how to measure slope and pitch.
On the state exam will these and many other questions be ask that are not required by H. Inspectors ?
I would also like to know if anyone who lives in the central FL or Tampa Bay area has a business who will be able to take me under their wing and help me with the hands on side as far as shadowing/ ride along it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You in Advance

You can and will learn a ton if you do all the education InterNACHI offers. It is great and you will become familiar with all the terms. Practice in your head wherever you go and do friends and Families homes. Once you fee you are fairly capable try to get a job as a helper 1st. I would bet just about any company would hire you if hiring and you show them the list of what courses you have taken. Good Luck. The HEAT here is hellish , always stay hydrated.

Mary, it is more difficult if you have not been in the industry. That should not discourage you if this is what you want to do, there are ways to make it work. Ride-a-alongs are a great way to learn with other inspectors. They also help to see if the career is a good fit for you. I know of several people that started with little or no construction experience and also know several women in the field. You may have to travel a bit, but it can work. Feel free to contact me directly if I can help.

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Welcome Mary, take all the classes that InterNACHI has to offer. Insurance Inspections are a great deal here along with home Inspections. You joined a great association, good luck and don’t be afraid to ask if you need any assistance.

I’m curious… with no experience in the industry, why exactly are you interested in becoming an inspector? What is your motivation?

Your assumption is correct… you will never become a competent inspector until you get some real world, hands-on, physical training. You may pass all the courses and tests, but there is so much you don’t get “in books”. Here’s an example: Open a cookbook and read a new recipe you have never tried before. You see the directions and ingredients on how to “build” the recipe, but until you actually make it with your own hands, you have zero clue as to how it tastes.

Courses are a great way to learn before you hit the field so you are familiar with the systems and terms. Just remember my first post here and do not sweat the guy above :slight_smile:

Yes, let’s remember one of your first posts on this MB… “What is a TPRV”?

You do not even have that right, fool. Take the time to look it up. I know you should be able to find it. You are just a Hater because I am a C.M.I. :twisted:

My bad… you’re right! You were already a member here for a year before your “famous inquiry”!

From… “What is a TPRV” ~to~ “Certified Master Inspector” in 3 years… yup… you got me. NOT!

Dang you make my night.

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It’s funny because I find myself looking at roofs all day when I’m out and about :slight_smile:
I got discouraged for a moment
Thanks Michael

I’m definitely going to try to find someone who will agree to let me do some ride alongs because that’s the only way everything I’m reading is going to come full circle. I’m willing to travel so hopefully I can find someone.
Thank you

That means it is in you. I can never turn it off and do not even love it. It seems everywhere I am I see things through AN INSPECTORS EYES :slight_smile:

Still can’t find it huh, jeffie :slight_smile: LOL

My family comes from a long line of construction.
My grandfather had a welding company and my 2nd cousin has a construction company.
My mother also used to do construction building homes with family a long time ago.
I have been working with children and adults with disabilities most of my life and I enjoyed it but last couple of years I found it more stressful than enjoying so i decided to make a change at 40 smh lol
I can’t have a job sitting in a office or being still, I get bored easily. I love to learn new things and I love physical work but at 40 I’m not willing to kill myself. So I figured actual building /construction would not be a good decision.
I love the work that inspectorsdo and lots of people depend on you guys for safety among other things, so it’s a rewarding career in my eyes.
Thank you for your comment

Thank you

Good for you! You have a true motivation other than “big $$$”! All too often we get newbies on the MB who are only here motivated by the promise of huge paychecks for simply walking around houses with realtors! Glad to see you are not in that “prone to failure” lot. Good luck to you… and keep asking questions. Remember to research the MB history for answers to basic stuff prior to posting the ten-millionith question about it.

Thank you Jeffrey
I will definitely search before asking :wink:

Welcome Mary.

Read all the MAN above has published on Home inspections. Nathan Thornberry has a pretty decent book out there also. TRUST ME when I say do the reading FIRST before setting up anything. I would have done things way different if I had reasd the books FIRST. Good Luck.