Now, It's NAHI That Needs Our Help!!!!

Well, folks, while our Executive Director and a few other numb nuts are frantically working to stop me from posting (for your reading pleasure) the anti-NACHI happenings on the ASHI message board ---- let me take this to the next level of “unethical” behavior and share with you a “Confidential” email that our dear friends at NAHI have dispatched.

While ASHI is soliciting money from its chapters to help pay its insurance bills, NAHI has been forced to create a “Legal Defense Fund” for its membership to contribute to in order to pay for the lawsuit they have against NACHI.

Uh huh. The mental midgets who are “THE PLAINTIFF” in the case actually have a “legal defense” fund.

Read and enjoy.

BTW, I sent them $20.

Dam, the only thing I regret is that the venue ain’t Florida, it might help our legislators see what kind of knuckleheads NAHI really is.

Hmmmm. You call me the “numb nut”, but your the one sending in the $20. to assist in the lawsuit against Nick and NACHI.

Looks like another violation of NACHI coe 3.3.

Where can I send them my

And that is plainly an attack agains nachi, the other posts you so proudly brought over was just school yard crap, that shows you maturity level.:roll:

Psssst… John,

Here is a secret post on the forum

… after you read it, destroy immediately.

… for you eyes only.

… I think JB was joking about the $20.

… don’t tell anyone.

… your new secret pass word is…

… “numb nuts.” :mrgreen:

John McKenna,

Thank-you for your input.

I quote from your post.

and ask:

What would you think if he wasn’t joking? How do you discern. I see no emoticons, etc., so I believe him. IMO - His ego and superiority complex prohibits or makes him incapable of joking around.

Jim employs several forms of humor…
ie… sarcasm, dry wit, illustrating the absurd by being absurd, etc…

I can’t believe your asking me this… but, it’s all Jims way of
showing humor.

Just read the title of the post John…
**Now, It’s NAHI That Needs Our Help!!!
**Do you think Jim is trying to be funny or is he really trying
to raise funds for the NACHI law suites on the NACHI forum?
Common John… you gotta know this thread has some
absurd humor to it? right? Please say you understand.

Now if JB sent them some food stamps, that would be OK. :mrgreen:
(this was being absurd, to show the absurd… ie … humor)

John M.,

Your rendition or explanation of your stance is appreciated and understood. But to understand my position I’ll need to take you inside the courtroom…

NAHI Attorney to witness: Are you aware of any members of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors who may have also supported the allegations and charges rendered here?

Witness: Yes, I am.

NAHI Attorney to witness: And how were you made aware of this support from a National Association of Certified Home Inspector. By the way your honor, I could use the acronyms for the associations, but as part of our allegations which stipulate infringement of logo’s, etc., and seeing as how they are so close in nature and could be confused, I find that I must spell out each and emphasize the word “certified” to avoid confusion. I repeat my question. And how were you made aware of this support from a National Association of Certified Home Inspector member.

Witness: He posted it on the bulletin board of the National Association of Certified Home Inspector’s.

NAHI Attorney to witness: On the bulletin board! Is this bulletin board available for all to see?

Witness: Only certain areas are. Some are for members only.

NAHI Attorney to witness: And this was in the open area or do you also have access to the members only area?

Witness: No sir, I do not have access to the members only area. This was posted in a section that anyone can read.

NAHI Attorney to witness: Do you know for a fact that this is true?

Witness: No sir, I do not, but seeing as how this guy is a member of NACHI’s Ethics and Standards of Practice committee, I believed his posting.

NAHI Attorney to witness: Please refrain from using acronyms. For the purpose of clarification you are saying that a member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, who is a member of the Ethics and Standards of Practice Committe contributed to the Legal Defense fund of the National Association of Home Inspectors.

Witness: Yes, sir. That is what I’m saying.

NAHI Attorney to witness: Why would you believe his posting?

Witness: Because of his position.

NAHI Attorney to witness: Can you explain, further?

Witness: I’ll try. From what I can see NACHI’s Ethics and Standards of Practice committe is a close knit group that is hand selected from a variety of volunteers by the Director of…

John, can you see where I am going with this. Not everything is as simple as it seems to you. NAHI means business in this pending litigation and NACHI should not be taking anything for granted.

Members really should refrain from saying anything that may be used against NACHI in further litigation matters. Nick on the other hand already knows his situation in the matter and knows the risks and non-risks.

One of the great things about this bulletin board is the spelled out rules, in which NACHI will not be held liable for comments made by any of us as bulletin board users. But in this particular instance it is not a liability issue, it is a simple comment issue. That simple comment clearly indicates that some NACHI members concur with NAHI’s stance and support that stance by (indication of) or actual submission of funding.

If you read my original post, you can see how I predicted this kind of response from our Executive Director, John “Shemp” Bowman, and the rest of his “Numb Nuts” club. Only with his obsession against the ESOP could he find such an outrageous way to spin this in the direction he did. No wonder he was thrown out of the association.

I never use the cliche “ROTFLMAO”, or at least try not to, for it is overused and usually does not accurately describe a reaction to a post…but I am telling you that I have tears of laughter dripping from my chin. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard from someone at Shemp’s level.

I certainly hope NAHI’s attorneys are reading these turds of wisdom from NACHI’s Executive Director, Mr. John Bowman…as he so intelligently warns us on the public message board…“Members really should refrain from saying anything that may be used against NACHI in further litigation matters.”…

I have to go pee, now.

Right on cue.:wink:


Your incredulous response was expected. I truly believe that you are having difficulty differentiating between reality and the Bushart World. You have become an unbelievable liability to NACHI and the membership.

I have nothing against the ESOP committee. It is filled with hard working volunteers that have put in a lot of time and effort. Their efforts are praiseworthy and worthy of note. Not once were their efforts or ethical standards questioned. The mock court room scenario was specific towards one NACHI member, not a group.

Please do not group the other hard working ESOP committee members in with your indiscretions and lack of ethical fortitude.

Thanks Joe,

Contrary to what Bushart wants to believe this is a potentially serious problem and should not be taken lightly or with a grain of salt.

That link says it all.

Hey, John McKenna…I’m still having some fun with Shemp’s courtroom drama. Here is the next day…

NAHI Lawyer: And your name, sir?

Witness: John Bowman.

NAHI Lawyer: Do you represent NACHI in this matter?

Witness: Not necessarily. If you guys will add the ESOP to your suit, I will throw my weight…and, boy, do I have some weight to throw…right behind your case.

NAHI Lawyer: Now, that is interesting. You are the Executive Director of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors?

witness: Yes.

NAHI Lawyer: You have been publicly critical of the basic level of expertise regarding the members of your association, is that correct?

Witness: *( my view that NACHI members, based on the pass rates published by Nick Gromicko, have less than a 50% pass rate on their annual tests. Yes.

NAHI Lawyer: Are you a home inspector?

Witness: Well, not exactly.

NAHI Lawyer: Huh?

Witness: Well, when my state of New York became a licensed state…I was not eligible for grandfathering. I am not licensed to inspect homes in New York, where I live.

NAHI Lawyer: Yet…you supposedly lead an association of certified home inspectors…?

Witness: Yes.

NAHI Lawyer: Of whom you are critical for not having…basic skills?

Witness: Yes.

NAHI Lawyer: Unrecognized by your own state as having the basic skills required to inspect a single home?

Witness: Yes.

NAHI Lawyer: Well, thanks for offering us your support, sir…but we feel you would do us more of a service by representing NACHI.

Witness: But…but…

NAHI Lawyer: That will be all…

Witness: But…but…

Judge: The witness is excused. Please, sir…leave the stand.

Witness: But…you don’t understand…I can help you…

Judge: Bailiff!!!

Gallery: Hey, your honor. Wait a minute.

Judge: Who are you?

Gallery: Ben Kelley.

Judge: And what do you have to do with this case?

Gallery: Nothing. I am just here to help Mr. Bowman. My job is to back him up whenever he takes a shot at the ESOP Committee. I don’t know why. It’s just something I do…

Judge: Sir…Mr. Kelly…

Gallery: Yes, your honor.

Judge: Please stop humping my leg.

Gallery: Yes, your honor.

Witness: C’mon, Ben. Let’s go. I have an idea.

Gallery: Yes, sir.

NAHI Lawyer: Your honor, we would like to call our next witness…*

You should research before you post. Your snap-judgments are getting you in deeper and deeper.

You have become a liability to NACHI and its membership. Back away from the keyboard and go play with the wife and kids. Do something productive for once.

Please point out the discrepancies.

Who in their right mind would get a license to practice in a profession or trade after they have retired from that trade.

I failed to see any part of the grandfathering requirements that I would have been denied for. Do you see something.

Admittedly, the pending legislation of Home Inspectors in NY did weigh in as part of my decision to retire. But health or physical inability was the major consideration. I also appreciate your dig on my weight. Perhaps you can assist my doctors who have limited my activity curtailing any hopes of having an active control over the weight gain. I would appreciate it.

Its ok though Jim, I understand it is just your nature and upbringing to bash others to make yourself feel bigger and ethical. We all feel your pain and only wish you the best.

Now go play with the wife and kids and do something productive today.

Deleted in response to a personal request.

Jim, thanks for mentioning me in your fairy tale. That seems to be what most of your work is , a fairy tale. It must me good though to sit around on the computer all day and post, never leaving the house, and never inspecting. You must be a wealthy man, Or retired.

Either way, its a fantasy. Your lack of Ethics, and ability to spin is next to none. The damage I have seen you do to nachi over the years you have been here is undeniable. MANY verterans have left over your constant spin and obsessions. Your constant conspiracy theories, attacking the ED, CMI pres, and various chapter presidents is to just name a few. But hey, its your world, the rest of us are just here…