Smartphone/Android - HG Users

James -

What I’m getting sick of is new devices (microwave, cell phone, Dvd, etc)that you gotta take a college course to operate.

Got a new BIG screen, TV. The old cable box and VCR did not work with it. Got new VCR/DVD and cable box. They’ve sent Cable Guy out twice and TV guy out once and the damn things still only work with the remote(s) about 1/2 the time. Each works well by itself BUT they don’t play well together.

You are just too old.:slight_smile:

So true, Dan, but the microwave was invented I believe back in the 50’s. Bob might be right on this one.:smiley:

I would add to the list …alarm clocks, popcorn makers, coffee makers, camcorders, digital cameras, flushing toilets, light bulbs…crazy !! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully everyone is okay on the flushing toilet bit!

Can’t we just go back to hunting for firewood and watching out for wolves on the Savannah.

a friend has the iphone inspection app, was looking at it the other day, minimal to say the least but it worked and actually followed the ashi standards.
I have the samsung galaxy 7 android and it is awsome as far as a phone, mini work station. it was a few days getting used to as my hp ipaq bit the dust but it really does have some cool apps.
HG on my phone, now theres something to look at for sure in the future, I was gonna ask Dom if HIP works on android cuz i thnk he is based in java and it may be possible to run standalone ( and yes I could be blowing smoke outta my arse) so if im wrong you techies dont need to ripp me a new one just say nope.
but it would be cool either way, the big 4’ screen is larger then the ipaq and i did good with that.
very cool indeed

The language Android uses for programs is Java but it doesn’t work with the same libraries so it would still need a complete rebuild. Android 3 will be released soon and is meant for the Android Tablets and possibly the larger phones. I’m interested to see what it’s capabilities will be.

We all seem to want the phone versions but I wonder how many will actually use them when it happens ?
Yes I am sure Dom and others will do these programs in the future.:slight_smile:
Almost there.
(p.s) I will wait till the phone pictures incorporate as you take them into the report.(that would be over the top).Yes I am sure it will be done at some point as the solution would be picking the section and having auto upload.

Considering only a few percent of guys use PDA’s right now, I can’t see a lot of them. Though who knows since everyone has a phone now. I think as the Android Tablets come down to $190 like they are right now that people will switch to those.

Not till that tablet acts as a phone .
My thoughts are that the extra cost is not worth it for a cell company tablet unless it acts as both computer and phone because it is much better at this point to simply use the usb as a tethor or incorporate the phone as a hotspot for a laptop/tablet.
The Galaxy tab would be perfect size screen to use as a phone if it was at least an inch smaller.
Not front pocket size but could go in a coat pocket or clip to your belt.

There’s one coming out that works as a phone with Bluetooth. you can also get slates for under 200 without contract.

OK you are ahead of me on the tablet phone as I have been hoping for that

I am right there with Bob on this one. If and when you get HIP working on the mobile platform I will break down and get a new Droid system. My blackberry has seen its days and I was impressed with the droid 4g phones. Client had one and had 5 bars, and I was dropping calls on my blackberry. So keep us posted if and when you and your Tech HIPPY’S makes it happen.

I would buy a small tablet today( I have an HP Touchsmart TM2 and TX 2) if I could find all the right features. I would even pay for another contract, I am currently selling my MiFi and using a tether from my Droid Incredible.

I need about a 7" screen, USB, bluetooth for a stylus and possibly a fold able keyboard.

I want the stylus to capture signatures. Seven inch is big enough to fill out some pfds and small enough to carry all the time when doing an inspection. When on can do all that then I will buy one.

Now give me software that would allow me to input, collect data and print different types of custom reports that sharing the data across windows and the tablet and I would buy that to.:wink:

Am I asking to much?

Pocket HG will look great on my Sprint 4G EVO!!


I really like the pda its light easy to carry and fits in my toolbag, on long days it will last the term. The laptop is there and I have to walk back to it on big commercial jobs or I have to haul it around and that is wearing when your doing a 100 room apartment building, where as the pda is light and easy.
Like I said to each is a different reason, in a house I can leave the laptop at the kitchen and work back to it with ease, larger job require everything to be with you.
I would most deffinatly be interested Dom, as a beta for you if it works out awsome if not then its business as usual so no loss for anyone.
I have the samsung galaxy 7 32mg ram 5mp cam, built in hotspot wifi so I can use my laptop to connect through it to send reports, hd screen and 4" viewer which is more then enough, the pda was slightly bigger.
what would also be a nice addon feature is when im doing phase ones to have the gps loc added to pics and also a topo that blurspots location, for clearly showing issues. lots of ideas could come for it.
anyways after this longwinded story, your still tops Dom :slight_smile:

Been out for a long time and will run HG, HIP, or most any Windows Program you’d want to use it on. Such as or something like

Sounds good Bill :wink: I’ll let you know when we’re ready for some testers.

Honestly I did not read through the whole thread, BUT Barnes and Nobles new color nook runs the android apps, If that thing could run the HG program. I would be all over it. and feel free to release it without all the libraries, I dont use much of them myself anyway.