Square Payment Problem

I’ve had a Square account for about a 6 months but never had to use it till a few days ago. Had an out of state customer wanting to pay by credit card. He called and said his payment wouldn’t go through. After several attempts we found out he was trying to pay with an inactive card. He used a different card and payment went through. Later that day I got an e-mail from square requesting Information about my business. I had to supply a business license, bank statements, Invoice and some other things. Next day I received an e-mail stating that my account has been canceled and my money would be held for 90 days. I called them and they requested a review. I then received another e-mail saying decision was final and they would be keeping my money for 90 days. When I called them back they said couldn’t discuss anything because I was no longer a customer. Anyone else have any experience like this?

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Wow! What a mess. I wish I could be of some help, but I don’t use Square. I’m sure others will chime in.
I will say I’ve never had to provide near that much information to any payment processing company, no more than my bank account number and email.

My WAG.… You got scammed!

Wanna know why the 60 days? That’s the holding period for Debit Cards! Debit cards are not Credit Cards. They have different rules that apply.

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Sounds like a SCAM to me also. Many of us use Square with nary a problem. For myself, I am an infrequent CC recipient, so Square gets very little business from me, but I have never had a problem using them.

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It does sound like a Scam. But why would Square cancel His account? He’s not the scammer.

Fraudulent activity. The scammer got the info they needed, then attempted to use it against him.

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Its not a scam. I met the man. He works here but lives out of state. I did the inspection and he paid with a credit card. He’s a young guy mid 20’s. Not much money and having his dad cosign for a cheap home.

The part I don’t understand is why they refuse to explain why they canceled the account? They only send basically a form e-mail. A google search returns hundreds of similar stories. They only say they can’t support my business type. Was just curious if anyone else had similar experience.

Mike I don’t know what your business disclosure to Square is but I can tell you that I’ve been using them for three business for years with no issues. Contact customer service and get it sorted out.


More like Thousands of complaints at BBB, with only 25% closed. 1 out of 5 stars.

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I had a bad experience with Clover, they kept over billing me. Went with Square and have not had a problem. Curious they won’t explain their decision, maybe a letter to the CEO?

Sounds like square doesn’t want your business. When a company gives me that impression, I just move on to a different one that does, lol. Plenty of card processors out there. As far as I know, square doesn’t offer anything special worth too much hassle. Sign up with the next one!


I disclosed everything. Set it up just for the Home Inspection Business. The odd thing is they won’t talk to me because I’m not a customer. I explained I was not a customer because of them lol.

Same here, Martin. We have never had a problem, and use them for both businesses. We use them for our contracts, invoicing and payments.


I Use Square also and have never had a problem. I have had to deal with credit card fraud ions ago and learned a lot from it.

Was your client trying to access your square account remotely to provide payment??? You should be entering the payment info, not the client…

Credit card company RED FLAG. Typically starts a fraud investigation when an inactive card is used more than twice.

This part seams like a phishing scam. Did you verify the sender of the email?


I sent him an invoice. He was paying the invoice through square. I realize it should of been a red flag. I have no problem with square requesting more information. My problem is they never once said we suspect maybe someone was attempting fraudulent activity or anything of the sort. All of the information I provided them was correct and matched what they had on file and the information for my customer matched his invoice. They canceled my account and are holding my money for 90 days based on them saying they “are unable to support my type of business”. I would think if they thought it was fraud, which they probably did, they should let their customer know so I don’t take other payments from my client.

PayPal did that to me but only held my money for 30 days. Never using them again. I use Venmo a lot, my customers prefer it over anything else.

PayPal owns Venmo.

Be careful if using Venmo for Business transactions. Venmo was originally developed for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) transactions!!