TEI needs qualified Nachi inspectors with General, Building or Res

This program is creating work that does not exist. THOUSANDS of inspectors are already working in Florida for prices like these. We cannot change the current marketing conditions but we can help to put good inspectors to work when they need it.

Sorry but this program isn’t for inspectors. It is for contractors and former WCEs. The WCEs found a way to keep the my safe florida home program running under a different name. The only ones making any money on this program is people like yourself. It is kind of like having the fox guard the chicken house.

It will never happen. There are to many people like Mikey that will work for peanuts. The wind mitigations have ruined the inspection business in this state.

$50.00 can not even buy a bottle of Johnny Gold or a good cigar. Bump it up to $85.00 and you may have better luck. I will not move my H2 out of my drive way for that kind of money. BP is paying $200.00/day to pick up a few tar balls and delight your self with all the girls on the beach.:slight_smile:

Im thinking 50$ x 10= 500$ a day… Whose making that much daily on a regular?

You know that they are getting 150 per inspection. That means that you are making them 1000 a day if you do 10. Does that 500 a day look so great now? So if they have 10 people that think like you then they are making 10000 a day.

It is people who think like you that allow this to happen.

To each their own. I am not a fan of Johnny Gold, cigars, or H2s.

I am definately a fan of getting paid to be on the beach though.

$50 is not a great amount but 100 inspections all in the same zipcode at $50 each is. While I cannot promise those kind of numbers I also cannot say it won’t happen.


Your numbers are wrong. Inspection management companies make $95 / inspection. There are also responsibilities included with that amount. There is no way we would only pay $50 / inspection if we were getting $150 each. Any inspector who has worked with us in the past can vouch for that.

I know that the contract given to Michael pays 150 per ( as stated in the St Pete Times). So are you saying that Michael is paying you 95?

Just to clarify I have nothing against you. Gerry told me long ago that you are a good person. I also know that you were one of the better paying WCEs during the state run program.

Citizens reduced the amount they are paying out for these inspections.

So are you saying that you work directly with Citizens? I thought that you are a sub for Michael.

500 a day

Not sure why all the slamming is taking place, maybe it is because most Home Inspectors cannot take part in this opportunity because they are not properly qualified as a Contractor, Engineer or other. Granted, $50 per inspection is a major reduction in the going rate (whether that rate is $150 or $75) over that which is realized when the same inspection is contracted directly with a homeowner. However, the attraction lies in the potential of mass quantities. There are always discounts involved when quantites exist. I’m not saying that I think it is a fair amount to receive for the liability involved, that is a personal preference, but the opportunity is there for those that need or want to take advantage of it. Its funny how the bashing is rediculing someone that has had the incite to obtain the contract for these Mits and sub them out to others for a profit. Last time i checked my financial agenda it read “make money using your brain, not your body”. Those of you that won’t get out of bed for less than $xxxxxx amount of money are fortunate to be able to call your shots in this economy, and must be using your brains in a similar manner.

I am potentially interested in doing these inspections if the quantities and duration are there. My company is based in Vero Beach (Indian River County) and also has an office in Sarasota County. Give me a call to discuss details.

Dennis P. Quigley
(772) 539-2909

We are working directly for Inspection Depot.

Really no reason to argue, it is what it is. but its nice to know there are jobs out there as opposed to nothing.

You will understand once you have been here for awhile.

It would be great if this program were paying more but it is not.

I would recommend that if you intend to participate in re-inspections for the next 5-10 years that you start by taking part in this program.

Since the “guy in the attic” is getting paid the same or less than the layers of people doing the administrivia I think you will discover that Inspection Depots’ business model will ultimately falter.

You are correct. I am not going to take part now but if I had no other options it is nice to know something is availble.

100 inspections all in the same zip code at a minimum of $150 each sounds better to me than 100 at $50 each.