The Covid-19 Scam, did you buy into the Panicdemic?


In other words… “Vaccines are for diseases you don’t have, hospitals are for the ones you do, and graves are for those people who refuse the first option.” No? :thinking:

Republicans have created two select subcommittees to stop the weaponization of the federal government and finally get answers to the COVID origins and the federal government’s gain of function research that contributed to the pandemic…” Fucking morons, prove me wrong. :rofl:

Pfizer purposely mutating the COVID virus.

Despite being a novice artist, Hunter Biden received exorbitant amounts of money selling his artwork, the buyers’ identities remain unknown, and you appear to be the sole record keeper of these lucrative transactions,” Comer, a Kentucky Republican, said in a letter to Bergès.

“Mold is Gold!”


I got the jab. And the booster. I swear I feel a few years older than when all this pandemic stuff began. I even started growing some grey hairs. Coincidence?


One thing I would do if I had gotten jabbed: I would be drinking a little tonic water (with quinine) every day. It is said to oxygenate the blood, which breaks up blood clots. My cousin was an airline stewardess; she says they always told them to drink some tonic water whenever they got leg cramps from the high altitude
Otherwise, you could go to your doctor and he might convince you to get on some of Big Pharma’s rat poison blood thinners. (See how that works?) More poison for you; gravy train for them.

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My wife is a doctor. I follow her advice. We are pretty healthy for middle aged folks.

I confess, my post was a bit sarcastic. We are all “a few years older” than when the pandemic began. I was poking a little fun at the situation we all find ourselves in.

I feel fine. I hope you do as well.
(But these damned grey hairs are really making me look wiser)


It sounds like you might have found yourself a good doctor. Most of them seem to only want to “go with the flow”, and prescribe Big Pharma’s toxic blood thinners, and happy pills that are causing most of the mass shootings.

Don’t let your political biases infect your horse sense… :cowboy_hat_face:

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Agreed. Follow the money!


so sad.
That was the most asinine thing about the vaccine, giving it to perfectly healthy children who were absolutely the least at risk of anyone. More kids and teens have died from the shot than from covid

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Has it occured to you that the main stream media MAY just be controlled by politics, and big pharma? (who also controls politicians)

I’m not talking about just children, I am talking about anyone under 21. There are countless stories of healthy, fit, sporty teens that have just died suddenly while playing on the field. Countless others that have died from stroke, heart failure, and have suffered from myocarditis.

Here is something to consider if you dont believe the media and big tech is controlled:
I just searched google for “kids dying from vaccine”. I searched page after page after page until I finally gave up, because every single link was to the contrary. What are they trying to hide? It is no secret that tens of thousands+ have undoubtedly died from the vaccine. SO why is it so hard to find even one example on big tech?

Doesnt that make you even the least skeptical of what they are feeding you? So much for freedom of the press. If you want to know the truth, dont listen to the propaganda machine. Even if you agree with them, you still have to consider why they only want you to hear one side, right?


It is so strange…just look at this paragraph. They call them “break-thru” infections to this day. It was never a vaccine in any form. It may have reduced hospitalization or death for the vulnerable, but that was it. But they refuse to look at what the “vaccine” may have caused. They still have not done the research. The only research that is being funded now is how big pharm can make more money treating vaccine/infection side effects.

One study published in Nature in May 2022 looked at more than 30,000 vaccinated patients. It found that patients who had experienced COVID-19 breakthrough infections prior to Omicron had a higher risk of death and debilitating Long COVID symptoms involving multiple organs (lungs, heart, kidney, brain and others) when compared to controls without evidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection. This remained true when compared to seasonal flu, dispelling claims in the mainstream media that COVID-19 is no more harmful than the flu.

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