This team is unwatchable!

The Philadelphia Iggles.

Did I just hear right, Manning out for the season?

Not Manning. McNabb. And … that’s a good thing. Donovan McNabb is the most overrated QB in history. He throws more ground balls than Major League first basemen do in practice.

So old Rush Limbaugh was not all wrong after all…:shock:

Rush was right … extreme right.

Sheesh! The Redskins … the Redskins!!! almost beat us.

I don’t think that these guys can put away the groceries.

“You nitwits couldn’t close an umbrella”
Sheriff Buford T. Justice

Eh, never mind.

What is unwatchable is the NFL network telecast of the games.

High voice Bryant Gumball, and Chris Collinsworth have to be the worst announcers the NFL could have come up with. There is no energy in that booth.

MNF is worse with Tirico and Kornheiser. I like both very much, but the ESPN games were much, much better with Mike Patrick, Theismann and McGuire.

I can always play music during those games though.:roll:

Gumble is terrible. I love Collinsworth, however. I think that he is the most objective color commentator. When he was doing the ND games on NBC, he was tough on the Irish and, I have to say, right all of the time.

Kornheiser is the single most annoying sports commentator of all time.

How I miss Ray Scott, a guy who knew how to call a game and was not afraid of dead air.

Yes, but he’s even worse as a political commentator! :smiley:

Trok Aikman is, BY FAR, the best announcer on T.V. I cannot stand Theisman and his condscending comments. And what really irritates me with him is that he changed the pronunciation of his name, it was Theese-man, to Thighs-man because it rhymed with “Heisman.” Needless to say, he did this in college while in contention for the sought after trophy. God Bless Lawrence Taylor.


I know Joe. He didn’t change the pronunciation of his name. The ND Athletic Department did. He was 21 years old.

You are a sick individual to be glorying in one of the most stomach-turning injuries in NFL history.

Aikman is very good. Almost as good as Collinsworth. And Joe Buck is almost as good as Jack Buck.

You beat me to it, Joe. I used to eat at his restaurant fairly often, and used to see him once in a while. I found him to be a good person, and very personable. I was at his last game, and it wasn’t a pretty sight :twisted: .


LT put some hurt on Theismann back in the day. One replay of that “break” was enough for me.
Aikman is one of the premier NFL announcers these days. Buck can’t ever be replaced though.
Hey Joe, Garcia aint that bad.

Ok, it’s a bit harsh to “glorify” one of the NFL’s most horrific injuries. Too bad his career ended that way. But I still can’t stand him as an announcer. Joe, do you think Theisman was opposed to the change in pronunciation? Was it merely coincidental that “Heisman” and the newly (at the time) pronounced “Theisman” rhymed so cleverly? I think that was as bad as Eli Manning trying to manipulate the draft. Which clearly backfired on him, all things considered.

Ok, it’s a bit harsh to “glorify” one of the most horrific plays in NFL history. But I still can’t stand him as an announcer. Joe, do you think Theisman was adverse to the timely change of the pronunciation of his name which coincidentally rhymed with “Heisman?” That is as pathetic as Eli Manning trying to manipulate the draft. I think it’s safe to say that scheme backfired on him :slight_smile:

Garcia is great. So great, in fact, that I can not believe that he plays for us. That never happens.

I had just about erased that Lawrence Taylor-Harry Carson-Joe Theismann collision from my memory and yes, one replay was quite enough. I thought that LT was going to throw up. He was really scared.

Jack Buck and Ray Scott were incomparable. They both understood that the game was on television!!! And there was no need to describe the sets.

With Scott, the Packers would break the huddle - silence - get set - more silence - Starr would drop back to pass - ambient crowd noise - uncork a bomb and only then would Scott shout “THIS IS FOR DOWLER!!

Buck’s understated conversational tone was his strongest suit. “Greg Landry may not be the best quarterback in the NFL but he’s certainly the best ever to come out of the University of Massachusetts.” Of course, he was an even better baseball play-by-play radio announcer.

Joe’s a chiacchierone - no doubt about it but I think that the three-guys-in-the-booth model almost forces you to be, especially if one of the guys is Tony Kornheiser. Who’da thunk that there could possibly be a more cloying know-it-all than Will McGuire?

I don’t know that the pronunciation change ‘backfired’ on Joe. He didn’t win it but so what? Does anyone remember who did? People remember Joe. He should have gotten it solely on the strength of having thrown for 600 yards against USC in a monsoon. There’s a strong bias against giving the Heisman to an ND guy. We have the most winners. Give somebody else a chance.

Garcia looks pretty decent right now. And the T.O/Garcia subplot will be a nice sideshow to the Philly/Dallas game. Forget not about the comments and accusations T.O made about Garcia’s sexual orientation. Ironically enough, I recall that Garcia is married to or involved with a Playboy model. Go figure.

Theismans actions didn’t backfire on him, sorry if I was unclear about that. Based on precedent, the fact that Theisman didn’t win the Heisman was probably the best thing that could’ve happened to him. I wonder where Dan Wuerffel, Andre Ware, Crouch, Detmer, etc. are today. Winning the Heisman as a QB has traditionally been the kiss of death. Anyway, I was referring to Eli who vehemently opposed being being drafted by the Chargers. And look where he’s at now and look where the Chargers are. Karma my friends. Karma.

Back to the Eagles. They are my team, I’m from Wilmington, Delaware and have grown up a major fan. Until I moved to San Diego, I’d go to about 3 or 4 games each season. I think Reids days are, or should be, numbered. What more is the guy going to accomplish? He’s the Marv Levy of the NFC. Can’t get it done in the end. But the problem goes deeper than Reid. The fish stinks from the head down. Their front office is bad. Look at their draft picks year after year. There are some decent ones here and there, but many are busts. Did you know that the Birds passed on Chad Johnson AND Steve Smith for none other than… dare I say… FREDDIE MITCHELL who’s not even in the league!

The fact remains, however, that the Link sells out every game and Lurie makes cash regardless. If it were up to me, John Gruden would be coaching the Eagles next season.