Veteran home inspector sentenced to life

Imagine this. You’ve committed no crime and you haven’t been found guilty of anything. Yet the judge sentences you, and the punishment is horrific:

“The court hereby orders that you work until you physically can’t work any more, without possibility of parole. This may mean you must labor for years, decades, or even the rest of your entire life. And at the end of serving your sentence, the court orders that you have no more assets than when you began serving your sentence.”

Don’t work for years and end up with nothing to show for it. Here are four links that will change your life:


all very helpful, thank you

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Clickbait?? Really?? I have way too many things competing for my time to have my professional development organization striving to find new ways to waste it for me!

Please…this is my first article and experience of what I’m going to get from paying these dues?

All of these things may be worthwhile, but I RESENT you’re duping me to lure me in rather than posting them for me to choose based on my interests or needs.

THIS is Professional?? Development?? At this point I have no interest in anything else in this article nor newsletter.



Trust me, Tom. Many of us feel your pain with this crappola!
Learn to Ignore certain posters, and it makes life here mucho better!


No. Not clickbait. All inspection-related help that is free.

Yes, and I promise to produce more. The “Ankle” article (listed as one of 4 links in the post) is very good. And again, free. But no, it has nothing to do with podiatry.

I know this sounds cocky, but it isn’t your job to figure out what you need as a home inspector… or even want. No home inspector knew they needed or wanted most of the stuff we’ve come up with until we came up with it. It didn’t exist for them to know to need or want it.

Anyway, many of my non-technical forum posts in non-technical sections of the forum have titles similar to this one. Of course technical article titles should be clear. Example: “Attached Garage Fire Containment (Spanish-version).” You can probably guess what the article is going to be about. But my posts about success, or in this case a post about inspection books and articles that are all success related, are going to have looser titles and the articles are designed to make you think or see something from a different angle. “Gone With the Wind” isn’t about something getting lost in a windstorm.

If you disagree, the forum allows you to block my posts so that you don’t even see them.

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Sorry to inform you Nick, you can’t be flagged, blocked or ignored by us. You have that special “wizard” tag that includes “moderator” which usually means you are a “Teflon Don” to the board…


Thank you Thomas! I just spent the last 10 minutes looking for the block option…


Really? I’m not sure if that is good or horrible.

I’ll tell you a funny story.

As you know, I’m often asked to give business success and marketing presentations at inspection events. I’m doing one for FABI on Sept 10th, BTW, and everyone is invited. Anyway, half the inspectors won’t attend because they are only interested in technical presentations. Nothing wrong with that. I’m often at a convention going head-to-head with a great technical speaker in the auditorium next door. We often bet on who will draw the most inspectors and nearly all the time, it’s close.

Anyway, an inspector in my audience once asked me what is the best thing that I’ve done for the industry. I didn’t have an answer for him, but I told the crowd the best thing I think I could do for the industry. And it would be this: After all the attendees are seated in both auditoriums (Business Success and Technical) and at the last minute before the presentations start… we swap the speakers. I run over and hop up on his stage and he runs over and hops up on mine. The technical speaker would then do his technical presentation for the inspectors who were only interested in business success, and I would simultaneously do my business presentation to the inspectors who were only interested in the technical training.

Inspectors in both rooms would be better off, IMHO.


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Exactly what I felt. I only looked because I wanted to know what someone could possibly have done to earn a life sentence. I won’t fall for it again, so I’ll probably miss out on some legitimate content because of it.


Simply watch how many inspectors reply to the thread.
Typically, we cull the BS pretty quickly around here!!

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You’re in Misc. We have technical sections for you where I don’t post my success articles. You’ll like those more:

How can you tell?
This MB doesn’t always tell you where you are! That’s another one of the problems with this current model, not knowing where the hell you are in case you wish to return to the same thread at a later time. I have tried to find certain threads/posts, and either it takes a long time searching, (I know that’s your intent- all those free clicks) or I never find it again, which really sux!! This adds to the other problem with finding the NEW threads. Not only that we have to search for NEW threads, we also have to search for OLD threads!!

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Garbage style advertising. I’m ashamed this is being harnessed by a governing agency of home inspectors.

Way to choose greed over integrity. I hope your proud.

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I agree, this style only discredits those who use it. Not only does it discredit but it also generates a sense of distrust in those they are marketing for.

Poor risk management on this one.


Use the bookmark option, and you can come back to it later. I’ve done that several times.

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I didn’t know that.

Uh, I’m not selling anything in that post. Anyway, my articles are only going to get worse, so best not to click on my articles. I have a post about the economy I’m working on now with “Recreational Vehicle” in the title and it has nothing to do with actual RVs.

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You don’t have to be selling something to be advertising.

A home inspectors’ purpose is protecting our clients with candor. We keep sellers and builders honest with our keen eye and knowledge.

Yet here we are having the leader of InterNACHI posting lies for clicks. Lies are gross, they make the world a worse place for everyone. If you’re not a part of the solution, you’re a part of the problem.

If you wish to have InterNACHI no more trusted than CNN, keep it up. I’ll gladly unsubscribe from this newsletter. :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

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I’m too old to change my style at this point. Even my books have funny titles.

I think the point of the post was that some inspectors may not be preparing properly for retirement. I get it.