We're building a free consumer complaint system for members and their clients to use.

When a complaint from a client comes in, refer them to InterNACHI’s complaint resolution system as their first step.

The system will contain an online form of questions, the answers to which will be very helpful to you. Questions such as:

  • Is the issue referenced in your inspection report?
  • Did you receive a seller’s disclosure?
  • Did you accompany your inspector on the inspection?
  • When did you notice the issue?
  • Can you explain why you didn’t notice the issue earlier?
  • Do you believe this issue is part of your home inspector’s Standards of Practice?
  • Do you believe weather is a contributing factor to this issue?
  • Have you taken any steps to repair the problem?
  • Do you have a copy of your pre-inspection agreement?

The consumer’s responses will be recorded digitally, time stamped, and emailed to you immediately.

Can you think of anything you’d like to see in the complaint resolution system?

That’s great Nick. Here is a copy of the one from Consumer Protection BC:

Thank you.

Sounds awesome. Can’t wait to see it !!!

Hope i never have to use it. Lol

  • Have you taken any steps to repair the problem?

    add or replace with:
    Have you or a licensed contractor performed repairs?

Personally, when I’m fishing for information, I find vague is best… let them ‘hang themselves’ without them realizing it. Too specific of questions can alert them to your true intent. You want the questions to seem ‘off-hand’.

What an awesome plan, I love how InterNACHI is “Always There For Us”.

Nick, this is fantastic. I have absolutely no idea why an inspector would be part of any other association.

Will there be a “dashboard” like with the agreement system? Or just an email notification?

I don’t know. We’re having some meetings with Mark on it next week.

Many of my members are just not very good at complaint handling, to their own self detriment. I want that to change.

Hello Nick,
This is great. I bet you already have the obvious things such as date of original inspection and name of inspection company…Just in case… Also a place for them to submit photos of current condition showing concern. Love it that you are doing this.
Thank You!

Sharon Nicholson-Pena

Nicholson Pena LLC
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Fort Lupton CO

Good thinking Sharon.

Just comparing this idea to Yelp. Will you allow the reviews or complaints be public to potential clients reviewing potential inspectors? There are positives and negatives to this approach. Part of me thinks showing complaints and how InterNACHI and more importantly how the inspector handled the complaint and possible resolution.
By the way, Yelp allows frivolous complaints and won’t remove fake reviews. Without a doubt, I know InterNACHI will handle the complaint much more professionally.

Members can decide if they want any to be public, otherwise no.

Hi, I think it would be good if it asked: “Have you already contacted the inspector about your concerns”.

And if “Yes” there could be a few more questions like.

  • Is the inspector working with you to resolve the problem…

There are a few excellent dispute resolution software available out there that would work great for this… just saying.

Also, would be nice to have a system like the “Buy Back” where we could pay something like $2 per inspection and Nachi would provide a money back guarantee for the end users. Might be a stupid idea, I’m just brainstorming while having a drink.


I like the idea. I hope it is like the insurance we carry for our companies and is something we never have to use, but I would prefer to have it and never use it than to need it and never have it.

If/Once the complaint is solved / settled, provide a survey about the resolution process.
Allow complainant to provide resolution details in his/her words.
Allow for complainant to post a “Thank You” letter about the resolution. (In my current profession, I have fixed something I broke and exceeded expectations. Even received a pricey bottle of wine for doing the right thing.)

Identify when possible how the issue occurred and issue articles / training as appropriate. We may discover something ‘new’.

Love this idea. Is there a loose timeframe yet? Can’t wait.

I already have commitments from E&O insurance companies to let us be their first line of defense and to give InterNACHI members discounts on their premiums.

Good plan.

I would change the wording of “Can you explain why you didn’t notice the issue earlier?”

To something like “Please explain why the issue was not noticed earlier.”

May also include:

“Describe how the issue was discovered and by whom.”

“Was the area fully accessible (e.g., clear of furnishings, appliances, stored items, etc.) at the time of the inspection?”