We've Expanded the CMI Search...

The default location search for CMI now covers 100 miles, instead of 40 like most of our inspector searches do. This is thanks to a suggestion from a member, because in states with very few CMIs, inspectors are often willing to travel a lot farther.

Keep the suggestions coming!


Thanks Tim.

oh cr *p,

Before I had one other competitor listed, now I have three screens full of competitors…

I used to be in the best location, between Calgary and Edmonton, now both cities are listed …

I can’t believe how much you guys are caring about the CMI’s in Ontario
Thank you very much as I travel that distance all the time.

These days, about 1/2 my time is spent on CMI. I want CMI to be for home inspectors what CPA is for accountants.

Not many here in Kansas. Just a handful. Dan, Buck and I are willing to travel, but do not. CMI’s here in Kansas are just not pushed by RE’s, who like their buddy cheap inspectors.

It seems all wrong here.

Only 3 of us in Maine

Still only one in my area.

We mostly did this to accommodate Canada (which has vast territories) now that licensing may be going through in Ontario. We fully expect our CMI’s in Ontario to be grandfathered.

3 in my area…all south of me. Still seriously considering Nick’s offer…seriously.

4 in my state, but it is small…only about 26x52 miles

Minnesota results have inspectors from Idaho showing!

And who might that be?:mrgreen:

Thanks Tim.

Closest CMI within 1,000 miles?

No problem… what’d I do? :smiley:


Gee the furthest from me is 195.6 miles and there are 63 listed in my

Postal code (K0K1H0)

I’m going to see how far I get without it.

Oh, I forgot to mention, it shows them as only 104 miles away!

And if it goes up to 100 miles, what’s up with it showing 156.8 miles away?

You know the saying?

“The sky’s the limit”