What are the little squares?

What the little squares on the right side of our posts and why are some gray and some green? I’m sorry if this question has all ready been covered.

Hi Carl,

that is the new board rep feature, if you keep asking silly questions we get to kick you off



I take it the green squares are the good ones and the grey are bad.

And what do the red mean

Roy Cooke

If you hover over each person’s box it shows you.

OK Roy,

I’ll bite. Where did you see a red one?

Red=This message board user will self destruct in 6 seconds:p

Why Wendy, how rude to have been slightly unhelpful in the past! :slight_smile: Actually I just wanted to see what mine was.

Congratulations Terry you are not alone .
Nice to know who your friend is NOT.
Synchophant is not proper spelling This is it I think (sycophant \SIK-uh-fuhnt, noun: )
Roy Cooke

Red matches the lady holding the fish . And I like red and Purple shirts .
Hard to find .

Color coded censorship! Hooray!

Are they going to start putting little pink triangles or yellow stars of David on the screen next to our names too?

I see I’m slightly unhelpful. Thats the nicest thing anyone has said to me in ages.

Thanks for explaining that to me . I thought that Wendy’s square was another terror alert and was heading for the basement!:mrgreen: :shock:

Yup, pretty sure I know who I can thank for that one. :roll:


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Why does this not surprise me? :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Well I guess I got my answer to my question on wheather this rating was going to be just for non-nachi members or nachi members. As I stated before, I thought that there would be a abuse of these ratings because of personalities conflicts. I just hope that before any nachi member is refused access to this BBS, nachi looks to see who did the complaining. This in MHO, the rating system is wrong because it allows just this type of abuse to happen. I still think that the ratings needs to be non- nachi members only, and let nachi COE section #3, line #3 handle the nachi members problems. :frowning:

Wendy, that is really not that bad considering you have almost 4,000 posts.

Yeah, and I consider you “slightly helpful”!:smiley:

It’s not based on the previous posts. It is based on since the system started. I was doing just fine and then a flurry of Canadians hit me up. :roll: